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Financial Performance and Contracts Committee

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Information about Financial Performance and Contracts Committee

The Financial Performance and Contracts Committee:


·         Is responsible for the oversight and scrutiny of:

(a)  the overall financial performance of the council


(b)  the performance of services other than those which are the responsibility of the: Adults & Safeguarding Committee; Assets, Regeneration & Growth Committee; Children, Education & Safeguarding Committee; Community Leadership & Libraries Committee; Environment Committee; or Housing Committee


(c)   the council’s major strategic contracts including (but not limited to):


Ø  Analysis of performance

Ø  Contract variations

Ø  Undertaking deep dives to review specific issues

Ø  Monitoring the trading position and financial stability of external providers

Ø  Making recommendations to the Policy & Resources Committee and/or theme committees on issues arising from the scrutiny of external providers


·         Will, at the request of the Policy & Resources Committee and/or theme committees, consider matters relating to contract or supplier performance and other issues and making recommendations to the referring committee.


·         Will consider any decisions of the West London Economic Prosperity Board which have been called in.