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Policy and Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Policy and Resources Committee.


Information about Policy and Resources Committee

The Policy and Resources Committee:


Is responsible for:


·         Strategic policy, finance and corporate risk management including recommending: Capital and Revenue Budget; Medium Term Financial Strategy; and Corporate Plan to Full Council


·         Finance including:


Ø  Treasury management Local taxation

Ø  Insurance

Ø  Corporate procurement

Ø  Grants

Ø  Writing-off debt

Ø  Virements

Ø  Effective use of resources


·         Procurement Forward Plan


·         Local Plans (except for matters reserved to Full Council)


·         Information Technology


·         Strategic Partnerships


·         Customer Services and Resident Engagement


·         Emergency Planning


Is responsible for those matters not specifically allocated to any other committee affecting the affairs of the Council.


Will consider for approval budget and business plan of the Barnet Group Ltd.