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Barnet Children's Partnership Board

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Information about Barnet Children's Partnership Board

Barnet’s Children’s Partnership Board brings together all services for children and young people in the borough, to focus on hearing the voice of children and young people and improving their outcomes.


The Children’s Partnership is not a separate organisation. Each partner retains its own functions and responsibilities within the wider partnership framework.

Representatives from member organisations make up the Barnet Children’s Partnership Board which keeps a strategic oversight of the Children and Young People’s Plan. Each organisation has agreed to be responsible for implementing this plan


The legal framework underpinning Barnet’s Children’s Partnership Board arrangements is the ‘duty to cooperate’ and improve the well-being of children across the Borough, set out in S10 of the Children Act 2004.


Responsibilities and Functions


The Children’s Partnership Board is accountable for the following:


·            Ensuring the voice of children and young people is heard in Barnet

·            Developing and delivering the Children & Young People’s Plan.

·            Ensuring that the collective resources of the partners are being used to the best effect to meet the priorities in the Children & Young People’s Plan.

·            Resolving issues that block progress against the priorities.

·            Signing off all Plans and Strategies relating to Children and Young People in Barnet prior to presentation to executive groups (eg CELS, HWBB)


This includes shared responsibility for:


·           Meeting the priorities in the Children & Young People’s Plan.

·           Jointly developing, delivering and resourcing strategies and action plans necessary to meet the priorities,

·           Addressing barriers to meeting the priorities and to identifying future needs, including communication, information and data sharing.

·           Keeping Children’s workforce informed and involved, providing clear direction, development and training as necessary.

·           Releasing staff to develop and attend network events.

·           Clarifying and simplifying governance structures and decision-making.

·           Ensuring that children, young people and families have a voice in decision making that affects them.

·           Monitoring performance towards agreed outcomes and taking remedial action where necessary.

·           Building upon good practice and developing an evidence-based approach to what works.


The Board’s remit includes the needs of all children and young people in Barnet under the age of 19, young people up to the age of 25 leaving care and young people up to the age of 25 with disabilities and/or learning difficulties.  These responsibilities include effective transition arrangements, where necessary.


The Board will meet as a Annual Children and Young People’s Conference.


The Board will be chaired by the Lead Member for Children’s Services as appointed by the Council.

Members are able to delegate a deputy of suitable authority if they are unable to attend, by agreement with the chairman.

Current partners are:

·         LB Barnet

  • Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group
  • CommUnity Barnet
  • Barnet and Southgate College
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Primary, Secondary and Special Schools


Please note that the Committee Membership is subject to change on 22 May 2018.