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Pension Fund Committee

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Information about Pension Fund Committee

To consider approval and act in accordance with statutory Pension Fund documents:

·         Statement of Investment Principles

·         Funding Strategy Statement

·         Governance Policy Statement

·         Pension Administration Strategy

·         Communication Policy Statement


To review the above documents at least triennially, or more frequently if advised by the Chief Finance Officer of the need to do so


To meet review and consider approval of the Pension Fund Statement of Accounts, income and expenditure and balance sheet or record of payments and receipts

To receive and consider approval of the Pension Fund Annual Report.

To appoint independent investment advisors.

To appoint Pension Fund investment managers.

To appoint Pension Fund actuaries.

To appoint a performance management company.

To appoint custodians.

To review and challenge at least quarterly the Pension Fund investment managers’ performance against the Statement of Investment Principles in general and investment performance benchmarks and targets in particular. One of these meetings to be the annual review, at which the representative from the council’s performance management organisation attends to comment on the relative performance of the fund managers.

To consider actuarial valuations and their impact on the Pension Fund.


Detailed responsibilities of the Pension Fund Committee, including a complete list of the Committee’s powers and duties) can be found in the Constitution under Part 2B Terms of Reference of Committees and the Part 3C - Committee Procedure Rules