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Hendon Area Committee

This page lists the meetings for Hendon Area Committee.


Information about Hendon Area Committee

The Hendon Area Committee meets four times per calendar year and represents the following wards:


Burnt Oak










Mill Hill


West Hendon



Hendon Area Committee has the following responsibilities:-


1)    Responsibility for all constituency specific matters relating to the street scene including parking, road safety, transport, allotments, parks and trees.


2)    Consider constituency specific matters as agreed with the Chairman.


3)    Consider matters relating to Town Centre regeneration and designating conservation areas.


4)    Consider matters raised at Residents Forums and determine how they are to be taken forward, including whether to request a report for a future meeting, refer to an Officer and/or ward councillors.


5)    Determine the allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy funding within the constituency up to a maximum of £25,000 per scheme / project in each case subject to sufficient of the budget allocated to the committee being unspent.