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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 90 KB

    The Board are requested to agree minutes of the meeting held on 6 December 2016.



    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 6 December 2016 be approved as a correct record.



Apologies for Absence


    Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor Theo Dennison (Substitute Member, LB Hounslow), Mary Harpley (LB Hounslow) and Carolyn Downs (LB Brent).



Declarations of Interest





Public Participation


    No requests had been received.



Heathrow Airport Planning Matters pdf icon PDF 438 KB

    The Board will receive a presentation from Emma Gilthorpe, Director of Heathrow Expansion, Heathrow Airport Limited.


    Additional documents:


    The Board welcomed Emma Gilthorpe, Executive Director Expansion, and Adam Tyndall, Policy and Political Relations Manager, from Heathrow Airports Limited to the meeting.  Emma delivered a presentation on Heathrow expansion emphasising the following:


    ·           A focus on delivering a skills legacy;

    ·           Options for locations on-site (freight and hotels) were being consulted on;

    ·           Business Rates were expected to be in the region of £200 million;

    ·           Sustainable transport for staff;

    ·           Air quality considerations;

    ·           Developing public transport links and infrastructure;


    The Board highlighted that air quality would be a key consideration for residents and the Mayor of London and requested modelling data on increased vehicle and aircraft movements be provided. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.     Note the presentation by Heathrow Airport Limited


    2.     Note that officers will not develop a Board response to the current NPS consultation.


    3.     Agree the thematic areas of shared interest as follows:


    ·         Skills and Employment Opportunities

    ·         Business Rates (including Section 106 and CIL)

    ·         Transport Connectivity

    ·         Minimising Aircraft Noise and Pollution


    4.     Officers be instructed to prepare a joint submission to the government on Business Rates and the distribution of Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy in the West London Sub-Region.


    5.     Heathrow Airport Limited be requested to provide data to the Board on: i) carbon emissions and particulate impact; and ii) different flight path options being considered



Orbital Rail in West London pdf icon PDF 679 KB

    Additional documents:


    Amar Dave, Strategic Director for Environment & Regeneration at LB Brent presented a report on Orbital Rail in West London. 


    The Board agreed that the impact on freight movements should be included in the next phase of feasibility work.


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Agree that the Dudding Hill rail line is identified as a shared priority for boroughs represented on the West London Economic Prosperity Board based on the information collated to date by officers and TfL, and the advice of West London Growth Directors. This would be open to review at a future date as further data becomes available.


    2.         Agree for officers to commission the next stage feasibility study, to be completed by June 2017, in order to inform the content of the forthcoming Mayor’s Transport Strategy and London Plan, as well as borough local plans.


    3.         Agree to/engage with the Deputy Mayor for Transport and the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Regeneration in order to incorporate Dudding Hill into the Mayors Transport Strategy and London Plan.


    4.         Instruct officers to develop a longer-term road map and project plan that will set out how the line will be taken to completion by the mid-2020s.



Orbital Transport Insight Findings pdf icon PDF 86 KB

    The Board are requested to consider the findings from analysis commissioned by Growth Directors into the economic constraints associated with inadequate transport infrastructure in West London.


    Additional documents:


    Margaret Collins from Regeneris and Jon Bunney from Systra delivered a presentation on West London transport infrastructure constraints. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Note the presentation commissioned by growth directors setting out the main findings from the orbital infrastructure analysis undertaken on behalf of the Board.


    2.         Comment on the main findings set out in the presentation and request that officers develop a long list of potential infrastructure schemes with a focus a primary focus on orbital rail and then junction improvements.


    3.         Note that this item has informed the content of the following agenda item on orbital rail transport around West London



Business Rates Retention pdf icon PDF 234 KB

    The Board are requested to consider recommendations from chief officers relating to business rates retention and possible next steps.


    Additional documents:


    John Hooton, Chief Executive at LB Barnet, introduced a report on Business Rates Retention. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Agree the following aspects of business rates retention where there is common interest across boroughs:

    ·           Skills – 16-19 Funding;

    ·           Supporting economic growth; and

    ·           Growth zones and retention to support infrastructure investment;


    2.         Agree that the following issues are more appropriately left at the individual borough or pan-London levels:

    ·           Funding baselines;

    ·           West London business rate pool


    3.         Agree that West London Treasurers and the West London Alliance should prepare a consultation response on behalf of the West London boroughs and submit before the deadline on 3 May 2017.



Adult Community Learning pdf icon PDF 427 KB

    The Board are requested to consider the findings and agree next steps for the Adult and Community Learning Task and Finish Group.


    Additional documents:


    Dan Gascoyne, the West London Alliance Director, presented a report on Adult Community Learning.


    The Board noted an amendment to section 4.1 of the report as follows:


    “The Skills Funding Agency has announced that Transition Grant funding is available for sub regions to help deliver the findings of the London ACL Review. Given the work already completed by the WLA ACL task and finish group, West London is well-placed to submit an application for funding to support the implementation.  The grant is for a maximum of £50k and will require a 25% match funding. It is expected that this will be met from within existing budgets.”


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Note and endorse the findings of the London Review of Adult Community Learning


    2.         Approve the outline strategy, proposed principles and strategic roadmap for the development of future Adult Community Learning services in West London and delegate authority to the lead Chief Executive for Skills with West London Growth Directors to oversee implementation and report back to Board on further proposals in due course


    3.         To request that West London Alliance (WLA) officers work with West London Alliance boroughs to submit a request for Transition Grant funding from the Skills Funding Agency via a college within the WLA area to support implementation of phases 1 and 2 of the strategic roadmap.  The Board will be updated on progress the application and implementation of this Transition Grant


Inward Investment in West London pdf icon PDF 279 KB

    The Board are requested to consider a proposal from Growth Directors aimed at supporting increased inward investment and jobs creation into West London are low or zero cost to West London Alliance boroughs.


    Additional documents:


    The Board considered a report on a West London approach to inward investment. 


    The Board noted that report should have contained an additional bullet point at section 8.4.1 (Legal and Constitutional References) as follows:


    “A Lead Authority from amongst the Participating Boroughs will have to take charge of the tendering exercise with a view to entering into a contract with the successful bidder to provide the required service as the Joint Committee is not in itself a legal entity which can enter into contracts.”


    The Board were also requested to note that section 4.4 of the report was incorrect as provider selection would be in accordance with the contract procedure rules in force at the borough carrying out the tender exercise.


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Agree the draft specification contained within Appendix 1 for a West London inward investment function.


    2.         Agree to commence a tendering exercise for a West London inward investment function over Spring and Summer 2017.


    3.         Note that it is expected that the tender exercise will take three to four months and that the service will be in place by Autumn 2017.



Forward Work Programme, Board Chairmanship and Future Meeting Dates pdf icon PDF 95 KB

    The Board are requested to:


    1.         Consider and agree the Forward Work Programme;

    2.         Note the transfer of Chairmanship and support arrangements to LB Brent from May 2017; and

    3.         Consider future meeting dates and venue(s).


    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Note the Forward Work Programme as set out in Appendix 1.


    2.         Note that from May 2017 Chairmanship and Board support will pass to LB Brent.


    3.         Note the next meeting is scheduled to take place on 20 June and that future meeting dates will be considered by the incoming Board chairman.



Urgent Item - Savings / Loan Scheme


    The Board requested that consideration be given to establishing a West London savings or load scheme to support business start-ups and act as a guarantor to enable residents to access affordable housing. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board the economic development officers of the West London be requested to develop options for consideration by the Board.