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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 80 KB


    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8 June 2016 be approved as a correct record.



Apologies for Absence


    An apology for absence had been received from Substitute Member Councillor Theo Dennison (LB Hounslow) who had been due to attend in place of for Councillor Stephen Curran (LB Hounslow).



Declarations of Interests





Update on actions from the previous meeting

    To receive verbal updates on matters arising from the previous meetings not covered elsewhere on the agenda



    Dan Gascoyne (West London Alliance Director) advised the Committee that at the previous meeting held on 8 June 2016 the Board had agreed that an item on Housing and Planning Bill was scheduled to come to this meeting.  It was reported that Chief Executives and Growth Directors had agreed to defer the item until the 7 December 2016 meeting and the work programme would be updated accordingly.



Functions and Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 94 KB

    Review and update of Functions and Procedure Rules

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the item and informed the Committee that a number of minor updates were required to the Functions and Procedure Rules to:


    ·           Include Hammersmith & Fulham as a participating borough;

    ·           Clarify provisions relating to the management of funding awards;

    ·           Amend rules relating to quorum and the start time of the meeting; and

    ·           Amend the provisions relating to special representatives.


    RESOLVED that:


    1.         The Board approve the updated Functions and Procedure Rules for the West London Economic Prosperity Board, as detailed in Appendix 1 to the report, and provisions relating to Special Representatives, as detailed in Appendix 2 to the report. 


    2.         In accordance with section 4.7 of the Functions and Procedure Rules, the Committee unanimously agree that LB Hammersmith & Fulham become a member of the West London Economic Prosperity Board. 



Work and Health Programme pdf icon PDF 136 KB

    To agree next steps in commissioning the Work and Health Programme



    Paul Najsarek (Chief Executive LB Ealing) presented a report which sought agreement from the Board to join with London Government and other sub regional groupings in pan-London negotiations in respect of the Work and Health Programme. The report sought agreement for the Board to reject the proposed arrangements detailed out in the draft Memorandum of Understanding between the West London Alliance and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in respect of the devolution of the Work and Health Programme.


    In considering the report, the Board noted that the proposals set out in the MoU were significantly different to the devolution agreement detailed in the 2015 Spending Review.


    Members noted that London Government had been lobbying DWP with the support from the Department for Communities and Local Government. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Confirm that the Board will enter into negotiations with London Government and Department for Work and Pensions to secure a devolution deal in line with the 2015 Spending Review statement.


    2.         Agree that the West London Economic Prosperity Board Chairman be requested to contact the chairmen of the other London sub-regions, the Chairman of London Councils and the London Mayor setting out the West London position. 


    3.         Delegate authority to the Chief Executive of LB Ealing to engage with West London boroughs, other London sub-regional groupings, the Greater London Assembly and London Councils to agree a better deal.


    4.         Encourage on-going engagement with the Department for Work and Pensions to influence the Work and Health Programme in order to drive local integration with other services and drive out better performance within the constraints of any commissioning arrangements finally put in place.



Skills Commissioning in West London pdf icon PDF 254 KB

    Agree approach to establishing a sub-regional skills commissioning function



    Mary Harpley (Chief Executive LB Hounslow) introduced a report on Skills Commissioning in London which sought agreement on the approach to future commissioning of skills provision in West London.


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Agree the establishment of a Skills and Employment Board to develop West London’s commissioning intentions, accountable to the West London Economic Prosperity Board.


    2.         Invite officers to develop more detailed proposals for a West London commissioning function and recommend to the West London Post 16 Education and Training Area Review Steering Group that these proposals are captured in recommendations from the Area Review.


    3.         Commission a “Task and Finish Group” to consider the findings of the strategic review of Adult Community Learning in London and develop recommendations to be implemented by the Skills and Employment Board.


    4.         Agree that delegated authority be given to the Chief Executive of LB Hounslow to implement the recommendations in this report in establishing the Skills and Employment Board.


    5.         Nominate Councillor Julian Bell (LB Ealing) to serve on the London Councils Member Devolution Group as the representative for the West London boroughs.



The London Plan pdf icon PDF 1 MB

    Reviewing implications for West London from the new GLA administration and the London Plan including proposals for housing in the West London sub-region



    The Board received a presentation from Jules Pipe (Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration & Skills) and Gerard Burgess (Senior Strategic Planner, GLA) on the London Plan and skills.



    The London Plan


    The Board noted that there was a tension in Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments in relation to the provision of land for housing and industrial uses. 


    Jules Pipe advised the Board that the GLA had developed an overarching strategic vision for a ‘City in the West’ based on a number of opportunity areas such as Southall, White City and Old Oak Common which were in progress and other areas such as Hayes, Kingston and Hounslow which were planned.  It was agreed that the GLA project team would engage with the West London Alliance and West London boroughs to co-design these proposals and link to existing sub-regional plans and strategies. 


    Board Members highlighted the following areas where the London Plan could be strengthened to support the West London sub-region:


    ·           By recognising that delivering the required number of homes requires developments which require increased height and density and these types of developments needed to be supported in the London Plan as often local residents were opposed to these schemes;

    ·           By developing a consistent narrative on the importance of using Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) to facilitate regeneration schemes; and

    ·           By the issuance of the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance.


    A Board Member questioned whether the London Plan could permit any local discretion regarding parking provision due to the differences between inner and outer London boroughs.  It was advised that this was unlikely. 


    The Board requested that the GLA issue some guidance to London local authorities regarding the key issues in the LB Southwark ‘Aylesbury’ CPO ruling.


    RESOLVED that the Board:


    1.         Note the update on the London Plan timescales; and


    2.         Request that the areas as detailed above be taken into account in the development of the London Plan.



    Skills Devolution


    Jules Pipe outlined the Mayoral priorities on skills and outlined the current position in relation to skills devolution in London.  The Board noted that the whilst skills devolution ‘offer’ was currently under negotiation, the West London sub-region should work with the GLA on developing a skills strategy for London. 


    The Board requested that the GLA take into account the following:


    ·         Taking steps to ensure that apprenticeships were high quality;

    ·         That further work was required on developing the skills focus of the London Enterprise Panel; and

    ·         Work was required on developing a London-wide skills commissioning strategy to include adult, further and higher education which was based on the profiles of local economies and utilised data derived from Areas Reviews;


    RESOLVED that the Board note the update on Skills Devolution and request that the areas as detailed above be taken into account by the GLA in future discussions with the Government and London boroughs.



West London Infrastructure Priorities pdf icon PDF 140 KB

    Identify shared sub-regional infrastructure priorities to be incorporated into lobbying activity with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London


    Additional documents:


    Paul Najsarek (Chief Executive, LB Ealing) presented a report which sought the views of the Board on identifying shared priorities relating to transport infrastructure to inform detailed transport modelling and cost benefit analysis to enable incorporation into Local Plans and to form the basis of lobbying activity with the GLA, Transport for London (TfL) and the Government. 


    RESOLVED that Board would establish a common position on airport expansion at Heathrow following an announcement by the Government. 


    RESOLVED that further analysis be undertaken by Growth Directors prior to common positions on each of the following items being determined by the Board:


    ·         Feasibility of establishing an orbital passenger rail connecting regeneration schemes;


    ·         Benefits of increasing capacity at the Hanger Lane Junction, including the use of Section 106 funding to support delivery;


    ·         Developing a comprehensive package of A406 North Circular Road improvements to improve traffic flows and reduce congestion


    ·         Feasibility of increasing the number of trains per hour on the West London Line (London Overground) from four to 10, and Developing a cross-borough strategic approach to improving cycling provision to include East / West links and the development of cycle quietways.


    with findings to be reported back to a future meeting of the Board.



West London Economic Prosperity Board Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 84 KB

    For review and approval by the Board


    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED that the Board approve the Forward Work Programme subject to a report on the Housing and Planning Bill being deferred until the December meeting.



Any other item(s) the Chairman decides are urgent





Motion to Exclude the Press and Public


    Having considered the associated item in public session and having taken into account the information set out in the exempt report in reaching a decision on the item, the Board did not pass a motion to exclude the press and public. 



Work and Health Programme (Exempt)


    The Board noted the information set out in the exempt report.



Any other exempt item(s) the Chairman decides are urgent