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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 76 KB


    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2016 be approved as a correct record.



Apologies for Absence


    Apologies for absence had been received from Councillor Stephen Curran (LB Hounslow) who has been substituted for by Councillor Theo Dennison (LB Hounslow).


    The Board noted that Sachin Shah was the new Leader of LB Harrow and consequently the LB Harrow representative on the Board.


    The Board noted that:


    ·           the former Chief Executive of LB Barnet, Andrew Travers, had been replaced by the Interim Chief Executive of LB Barnet, John Hooton; and


    ·           the former Chief Executive of LB Ealing, Martin Smith, had been replaced by the new Chief Executive of LB Ealing, Paul Najsarek.



Declarations of Interest





Functions and Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 114 KB


Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting


    The Board noted that the item on the Housing and Planning Bill had been deferred to a future meeting due to the election of a new Mayor of London. 



Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation - Presentation pdf icon PDF 85 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Board received a presentation from Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Old Oak Common Development Corporation (OPDC) and Michelle Reeves, Head of Socio-economic Regeneration at OPDC on the regeneration of Old Oak and Park Royal. 


    The Board were advised that the 135 ha Old Oak and Park Royal site was earmarked for major regeneration around the High Speed 2 and Crossrail interchange.  The land included in the development site was primarily in public ownership with 97 ha being owned by the Department for Transport, Department for Communities and Local Government or Network Rail.  However, the remaining land was in private ownership and the site would need to be acquired as part of the regeneration scheme. 


    The Board were advised that the project had a projected funding gap and OPDC were currently working with the new Mayor of London on addressing this.  OPDC suggested that a way of financing the gap could be to introduce Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to enable the Corporation to borrow against predicted growth in locally raised business rates.  The Board were advised that any devolution of business rates would require borough support and input.


    Members were advised that the three current priorities for OPDC and the Old Oak and Park Royal were:

    1.         Developing the Planning Framework – particularly relating to Compulsory Purchase Orders, Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106;

    2.         Resolve Land Ownership Issues – achieve in principle agreement to enable establishment of joint venture and early delivery of homes; and

    3.         Resolve Funding / Financing Issues – discuss options with the Treasury and Mayor of London to deliver the project without TIF or additional borrowing


    In relation to the regeneration scheme and priorities, the Board suggested that:

    1.         The Mayor of London should be encouraged to increase housing density on the site by 5,000 – 10,000 homes;

    2.         Land in private ownership should be subject to the Compulsory Purchase Order if negotiations to purchase the site were unsuccessful;

    3.         Homes should be funded via an increase in business rates;

    4.         Investment in physical and digital (i.e. superfast broadband) infrastructure should be a priority; and

    5.         The economic plan for West London should be based around the regeneration at Old Oak and Park Royal.


    The Board discussed the approach to jobs and skills and emphasised the importance of OPDC having a focus working with schools and colleges to ensure that the opportunities associated with the regeneration of the site were utilised by communities in North West London.  OPDC advised that part of the regeneration programme included the development of a skills academy in Old Oak.  Members suggested that the Local Plan should include plans for developing the skills base of the local population beyond construction related jobs and include high growth sectors such as technology, digital and environmental services.


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Requests an update to a future meeting on the detailed proposals relating to the approach to jobs, skills and engagement with schools and colleges as part  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


West London Vision for Growth: Action Plan pdf icon PDF 104 KB

    Additional documents:


    Cath Shaw (Growth Director, LB Barnet) presented a report which set out an action plan for delivering the West London Vision for Growth as considered by the Board at its meeting on 17 February 2016 and subsequently developed by Growth Directors with input from Chief Executives.  The Board noted that following approval, the Action Plan would proceed to delivery with different strands of activity within it (e.g. Work and Health or Business Rates Devolution) reporting back to the Board individually, with an Annual Report covering overall progress once per year in the future.


    In considering the Action Plan the Board made the following points:


    ·         Housing was a top priority for businesses;

    ·         Consideration needed to be given to providing affordable business space in the sub- region;

    ·         Employment in Old Oak should be included in the West London Growth Objectives


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Approve the West London Vision for Growth Action Plan set out in Appendix 2 to the report of officers;


    2.         Delegate authority to the LB Barnet Commissioning Director for Growth & Development to incorporate the comments and amendments referred to in the preamble above into the Action Plan; and


    3.         Agree for the Action Plan to be published on the West London Alliance website and for the Board to receive a regular annual report setting out progress made in delivering the Plan.



Devolved West London Alliance Work and Health Programme pdf icon PDF 354 KB

    Additional documents:


    Paul Najsarek, Chief Executive of LB Ealing, presented a report which set out West London proposals for the co-design and co-commissioning of the Work and Health Programme from October 2017.


    The Board noted that the funding was estimated to be £10 million and there would be a requirement to enter into a section 31 agreement with the Department for Work and Pensions. 


    RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


    1.         Note that the Work and Health programme will be co-commissioned with the Department for Work and Pensions at a sub-regional level with the detail of the proposed service being as set out in section 2.2 of the report of officers;


    2.         Agree to work with the Department for Work and Pensions to co-commission the Work and Health Programme in West London and that this will be procured by Ealing on behalf of the West London Boroughs (with involvement of DWP officials);


    3.         Agree that in West London, governance and delivery of the programme will be integrated into the West London Alliance Growth, Jobs and Skills Programme;


    4.         Delegate authority to the LB Ealing Chief Executive, following consultation with LB Ealing’s Director of Legal and Democratic Services:


    i)             To allow LB Ealing to enter into any agreements with the Department for Work and Pensions on behalf of the other members of the West London Economic Prosperity Board, with the devolved funding to be transferred to LB Ealing to be held on behalf of other members of the Board necessary for the devolved funding to be transferred; and


    ii)            To enter into any other agreements required to access additional funding (e.g. ESF)


    5.         Support:


    i)             Active involvement of staff from West London boroughs and other local partners to ensure that the Programme is designed and commissioned in line with borough priorities and services, using existing networks and task groups where possible; and


    ii)            Efforts to seek funding applications and make bids to maximise impact of the programme and reach as wide a pool of residents as possible;


    6.         Agree to seek funding applications and make bids; and to commit the West London Alliance boroughs to supporting the programme; and


    7.         Agree that the West London Economic Prosperity Board should review its “Functions and Procedure Rules” to, inter alia, clarify the definition of whether “approving joint procurement” includes decisions to invite Tenders and to Award contracts.



West London Economic Prosperity Board Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 84 KB

    Additional documents:


    RESOLVED that the Board approve the Forward Work Programme subject to:


    ·                A report on the Housing and Planning Bill be deferred to the September meeting;


    ·                A report on revised Functions and Procedure Rules being presented to the September meeting to incorporate the changes referred to in minute item 8 relating to the work and health programme.


    The Chairman requested that officer review the date and location of the next meeting and try and link Board meeting to the West London Leaders meetings scheduled to take place during September. 



Any Other Business





Date of Next Meeting

    Wednesday 21 September, 9.30am – 11.30am


    Wednesday 7 December, 9.30am – 11.30am



    The Board noted the dates of the next meetings as follows:


    ·         Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 9.30am-11.30am

    ·         Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 9.30am-11.30am