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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 81 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 13 November 2015 be approved as a correct record.



Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:

·           Councillor Stephen Curran (LB Hounslow); and

·           Councillor David Perry (LB Harrow) who had been substituted for by Councillor Keith Ferry (LB Harrow)



Declarations of Interest





Functions and Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 114 KB


The Committee noted the Functions and Procedure Rules as set out in the agenda.



Update on Actions from the Previous Meeting





West London Growth Priorities pdf icon PDF 99 KB

Additional documents:


Brendon Walsh (Executive Director Regeneration, Economic Development & Environment, LB Hounslow) presented a report which provided an update on progress towards the West London Vision for Growth.  Following consideration of the West London Economic Assessment at the meeting held in November 2015, the report provided an assessment of the following growth issues:

·           People and Skills;

·           Enterprise;

·           Places, Housing and Infrastructure;

·           Inclusive Growth; and

·           Working to Catalyse the Change.


It was emphasised that the most important component to sub-regional growth was identifying opportunities for public private partnerships and investment funding to develop infrastructure.  It was noted that further analysis may need to be commissioned to inform and support the production of a Growth Action Plan. 


Members considered that the high level strategic assessment which had been reported to the Board in November 2015 required strengthening.  The Board agreed that there was a requirement for a broader strategic overview and considered whether to engage academics (such as Imperial College or Middlesex University), pan-London organisations (such as the GLA, London First or the London Chamber of Commerce) to assist in developing a critical list sub-regional priorities.   Officers noted that the seven boroughs also had teams of officers who worked for Growth Directors who could be deployed to work on strengthening the strategic assessment and develop priorities. 


The Board agreed that high speed broadband, business rates flexibility and transport / infrastructure were essential in creating a competitive advantage for the sub-region.  It was noted that property and housing were considerations which also needed to be taken into account in strategic planning terms.


The West London Economic Prosperity Board delegate authority to West London Growth Directors and the West London Alliance Director to develop a Growth Action Plan which takes into account the priorities detailed above for presentation to the next meeting of the Board.



Housing & Planning Bill - Challenges & Opportunities pdf icon PDF 143 KB

Additional documents:


Pat Hayes (Executive Director Regeneration & Housing, LB Ealing) presented a report on the implications of and response to the Housing and Planning Bill 2015 and other significant policy changes. 


The Board were informed that house prices and housing supply were likely to have a significant impact on the economy of the West London sub-region.  Land availability, the cost of temporary accommodation, housing residents on the housing waiting list and providing new stock were identified as key strategic issues.  The Board identified possible solutions as pooling right-to-buy receipts to invest in housing stock, considering the re-designation of strategic employment land for housing, and investing in housing stock outside of London to meet boroughs housing obligations.


The Board agreed that there was potential for collective investments to be made in affordable rental accommodation for key workers, the income from which could be used to fund building programmes.


RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board instructs the West London Growth Directors and the West London Alliance Director to develop a report for the next meeting of the Board to:


1.         Share current practice in the West London boroughs relating to housing receipts and investment in housing stock


2.         Develop detailed options for individual interventions from the potential solutions detailed above


3.         Consider the implications and options of pooling housing receipts on a sub-regional or London-wide basis for reinvestment in housing stock



Employment and Skills Devolution in West London pdf icon PDF 194 KB


Andrew Travers (Chief Executive, LB Barnet) presented a report on jointly designing the future skills and employment support offer in West London.  The Board noted that the adult’s skills budget would be devolved in 2018 and would be commissioned jointly by West London boroughs via the West London Alliance.  The replacement for the DWP Work Programme would be devolved earlier and £25 million would be available across London. 


The Board were advised that changes affecting the DWP estate at a borough level may provide an opportunity for the co-location of services, or provide development land for housing or schools. 


The Board noted that the administration of employment and skills schemes would be devolved to the GLA and London Councils.  Post-devolution teams would need to work collaboratively on a sub-regional basis. 


Board Members agreed that a business plan needed to be developed covering Job Centre Plus, employment support and Universal Credit which set out detailed objectives and challenged the government to be ambitious.  It was suggested that skills devolution be discussed with the candidates for London Mayor.


RESOLVED that the West London Economic Prosperity Board:


1.         Welcomes progress in developing a devolution package for skills and employment, and acknowledges that greater influence over the commissioning of these services could bring benefits for West London residents and businesses.


2.         Requests the Barnet Chief Executive, Barnet Growth Director and West London Alliance Director, supported by all West London Alliance Growth Directors, oversee the design and commissioning of the Work and Health Programme and the move towards local hubs, while representing West London in the negotiation team to push for sustainable funding and joint-governance arrangements. 


3.         Requests West London Chief Executives and Growth Directors to develop and agree a resourcing plan for devolution of skills and employment commissioning taking account of the emerging requirements from the pan-London discussions and that a joint letter from the West London Leaders be sent to the DWP outlining their sub-regional ambitions.


4.         Requests that West London (through the West London Alliance Director and Growth Directors) engages DWP strategically at a national, London and sub-regional level to ensure that co-location is taken as an opportunity to deliver more integrated services. 


5.         Requests that the Head of Employment and Skills and Partnerships and Innovation Manager at LB Brent investigate councils’ responsibilities within an ‘integrated front door’.



Post 16 Education and Training Review pdf icon PDF 113 KB


Andrew Travers (Chief Executive of LB Barnet) presented a report which updated the Board on the outcome of discussions which had taken place with stakeholders since the November 2015 meeting on post-16 education and skills provision.  It was noted that West London would be the first sub-regional area review.  The Board were advised that the Chief Executive of Heathrow airport had offered for the Heathrow HR Director to take part in the review.


It was noted that skills intelligence data was starting to be collated and the data required analysis.  Whilst 54,000 jobs had been created in the sub-region, the working age population was grower at a slower rate than predicated.  It was reported that the five biggest employment sectors in the sub-region were retail, transport, administration, health / social care and scientific / technical.  The Board emphasised the important of re-focussing sectors towards high tech and knowledge based sectors such as professional services and scientific / technical and questioned how the area review could achieve that.


The West London Economic Prosperity Board:


1.         Agrees the outcomes detailed in section 2.4 of the report and delegates authority to the lead chief executive for skills and the lead director for skills in West London to seek to ensure these outcomes are reached and the interests and views of West London boroughs are fed into the review process in a timely and appropriate manner.


2.         Agree that individual boroughs develop a statement on what they want to achieve from the Area Review and detail borough pressures and priorities for submission to the lead director for skills


3.         Notes the timetable and membership of the West London Area Review Steering Groups.



Economic Prosperity Board Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 94 KB


The Board approve the Forward Work Programme and agreed that the following item be added:


·                Business Plan for Skills and Devolution (June 2016)



Any Other Business





Date / Venue of Next Meeting

Weds 8 June 9:30am-11:30am


Weds 21 September 9:30am-11:30am


Weds 7 December 9:30am-11:30am



The Board noted the dates of the next meetings as follows:


·                Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 9:30am-11:30am

·                Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 9:30am-11:30am

·                Wednesday, 7 December 2016, 9:30am-11:30am