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Absence of Members (if any)


Declarations of Members Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non-pecuniary Interests


    Councillor Paul Edwards

    Declared a non-pecuniary interest with regard to his request for CIL funding (agenda item 9), as he was a Governor on Totteridge School. He pointed out that the organisation he was making the request for, was independent from the School.

    Councillor Alison Cornelius

    Councillor Cornelius declared a non-pecuniary interest with regard to Cromer Road (agenda item 11 refers) as she had met the speaker  at Totteridge Ward Surgery before. Also, that the speaker had ‘visited’ her front garden.



Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)


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Matters referred from the Chipping Barnet Residents Forum including Petitions (if any)


Cromer Road - Request for 20mph Speed Limit pdf icon PDF 239 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee received the report.


    The question detailed below had been received from Philippa Whitecross regarding this item:





    Please could we have update on the existing VAS which seems not to be operational?




    The VAS sign on Cromer Road is operational. An officer had visited the site on 23 September 2019 and was able to download the speed data, which is currently being analysed. A reason that the sign may seem not to be working is that the sign is triggered at the speed limit which is currently 30 mph

    and as the report indicated the 85% speeds are currently lower than this. If the Committee agree to the proposal to reduce the speed to 20mph the trigger on the sign will be reduced accordingly.


    Although it is currently not proposed to move the sign as part of scheme, this could be considered by the Committee and the sign located further along the road.


    Philippa Whitecross was given the opportunity to ask a supplementary question.



    Comment included with question:


    It would also be helpful to know how we get CCTV in place to enforce the one-way and the school zig-zags and the current situation on the “Unsuitable for HGV’s” sign as per discussion with Cllr Longstaff.




    Following the previous request for CCTV covering the one-way system, in particular in Shafesbury Avenue, the location is currently under investigation for the provision of an enforcement camera.


    The position of the camera is also being looked at to see if it possible to cover the School Keep Clear markings and the one-way operation from one camera position. Officers will report back to Ward Councillors once the results of the investigation have been completed.


    The request for the provision of a ‘Unsuitable for HGV’s’ is being considered by the Committee as a Member’s item submitted by Councillor Prentice.


    Following this, the Committee considered the CIL request from Councillor Prentice, with the outcome noted under the CIL applications for this Committee (agenda item 9).


    In addition to the recommendations outlined officers requested the additional recommendation:


    “That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee resolve that if any objections are received as a result of the consultation referred to in recommendation 3, the Executive Director for Environment be authorised to consider and determine whether the preferred scheme should be implemented or not, and if so, with or without modification.”


    A vote was taken on the Officer recommendations:


    For: 3

    Against: 0

    Abstained: 0




    1.    That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee notes the review of the safety improvements on Cromer Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Bulwer Road in the two options set out in this report and as shown on the drawings in Appendix A and on the Road Safety Audit in Appendix B.

    2.    That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee, noting the Council’s Policy on Traffic Calming, agrees Option 2 as the Ward Councillors preferred solution.

    3.    That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee instructs the Executive Director, Environment to instruct officers to carry  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Area Committee Funding - Community Infrastructure Levy update pdf icon PDF 155 KB


Members' Items (if any)


Members' Items - Area Committee Funding Applications (if any) pdf icon PDF 152 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee received the following applications for CIL funding:






    Memorial Plaque for David Howard

    RESOLVED that up to £1,500 CIL funding be agreed, subject to it being noted that there may already be other funding identified for the plaque.


    CPZ Consultation (The affected roads are

    Hampden Road

    Cromwell road

    Haldane Close plus sections of Sydney, Alexandra and Pembroke with officer to advise on the suitable radius for consultation)


    RESOLVED that up to  £5,000 CIL funding be agreed for an informal consultation. A vote was taken on this:


    For: 5

    Against: 1

    Abstained: 0

    Jo Cooper

    Double yellow lines in Brookhill Road EN4

    RESOLVED that Officers be requested to ask the developer to fund this. If funding is not forthcoming from the developer, CIL funding of up to £2,000 be agreed to implement Double yellow lines.

    Paul Edwards

    Generation Garden  

    RESOLVED that CIL funding up to £3,000 be agreed, subject to confirmation from Planning regarding the land issues raised at the meeting.

    Reema Patel

    Balmoral Avenue and side roads double yellow lines

    RESOLVED that up to £3,000 CIL funding be agreed to implement Double yellow lines and it be noted, on Officer advice, that the lines may need to be extended further.


    Request for two vehicle activated signs on Chase Way

    RESOLVED that up to £2,000 CIL funding be agreed for a speed survey and the outcome be reported back to the future meeting of this Committee.


    Zebra crossing on Brookhill Road EN4

    RESOLVED that it be noted that this will be funded by Section 278 funding. Officers to keep Councillor Williams updated on progress.


    Request for funding to review Church Hill Road to find space for further parking bays and implement them

    RESOLVED that up to £3,500 CIL funding be agreed for a footway parking review. Officers to liaise with Ward Councillors on any proposals.


    Request for new equipment in children’s playground at Friary Park

    RESOLVED that the application be deferred whilst Officers establish what equipment is currently available in Friary Park, with a report back to the next meeting of this Committee. Friends of Friary Park to also be consulted.

    Richard Cornelius

    Bench in Totteridge Lane just east of Lipkin Chemist

    RESOLVED that up to £2,000 CIL funding be agreed.

    Alison Cornelius

    Older children’s play equipment to be installed at Swan Lane Open Space

    RESOLVED that CIL funding of up to £25,000 be agreed.


    Not Suitable for HGVs’ sign at the entrance of Cromer Road, EN5.


    RESOLVED that it be noted that this is already included in the scheme for Cromer Road (Item 7 of the minutes).


    Barnet Road, between Field End and Quinta Drive, -  install a Zebra crossing

    RESOLVED that up to £5,000 CIL funding be agreed for a feasibility study, with a report back to a future meeting.


    Outdoor Gym Equipment

    RESOLVED that consideration of this application be deferred until the next meeting of the Committee.


    Oakleigh Community Church

    RESOLVED that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Proposed Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Meadway area EN5 - outcome of statutory consultation pdf icon PDF 218 KB


Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 198 KB


Any item(s) the Chairman decides are urgent