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Minutes of the last Meeting pdf icon PDF 114 KB


    RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2018 be agreed as a correct record.


Absence of Members (if any)




Declarations of Members Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Non-pecuniary Interests




Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




Public Questions and Comments (if any)


    No questions had been received. A public comment had been received in writing regarding Rasper Road Consultation and that would be dealt with under that item.



Forward Work Programme - Non Highways Scheme - Additional Update in Relation to Coppetts


    The Chairman brought this part of the Work Programme forward to allow the Community Safety Officer to give an update on the issue.


    Officers agreed to arrange a meeting and let ward Members know when that would be. Officers also assured Members that regular meetings would be held. Councillor Coakley-Webb requested an update in the March meeting’s Forward Work Programme. 



Matters referred from the Chipping Barnet Residents Forum including any Petitions pdf icon PDF 276 KB


    The Committee considered the following items and petitions referred from the Chipping Barnet Residents Forum:




    Title: Children's safety in a residential area.

    Resident: Mr Rob Glass

    Ward: Oakleigh


    Issue: Issue to be raised relates to the safety of children's safety in a residential area. The speed with which cars travel down steep roads and slopes could and will be fatal at some point and, as with many other areas, their speed should be controlled by speed humps or another form. Paint markings clearly make no difference at all and investment to prevent multiple crashes and fatalities needs implementing immediately.


    Please consider speed humps or another form or speed control (not just painted SLOW DOWN signs) on Lyonsdown Rd in EN5.


    Rob Glass addressed the Committee on this matter, explaining his concerns and suggesting the installation of speed humps.


    The Chairman stated that a speed survey would be required, before any action could be taken on this matter.


    It was stated that there may already have been a speed survey at this location a few years ago. It was felt that this should be clarified, before a further speed survey was carried out.


    It was also suggested that Officers meet with residents on site to discuss their concerns and the most appropriate location for the speed survey.


    RESOLVED that


    1.Subject to a speed survey not having been previously carried out, £2,000 be allocated from CIL funding for this purpose;


    2.Officers be requested to meet with residents on site to discuss their concerns;


    3.a report back be submitted to a future meeting of this Committee.





    Lead Petitioner: Mr Elias Chrysostomou

    Number of signatures: 31

    Ward: Underhill


    Petition:As residents of Wellside Close, ENS, listed below are the issues weface with the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that was introduced on 10th September 2018:


     • Drivers are missing the CPZ signs and are still parking in Wellside Close during the CPZ hours

     • Illegally parked vehicles are taking up parking space hence making it difficult for residents (who have paid for yearly permits) and their visitors to find parking

     • Most people that park in Wellside Close do so because they are visiting the hospital, hence we will have these issues all year round meaning the CPZ has not had the intended effect of freeing up parking for residents and their visitors.


    • Paint drive bays and display the associated signage in Wellside Close as opposed to just at the beginning of the road (the drive bays must not obstruct resident's driveways)

    Give every resident in Wellside Close 10 free visitor permits for the inconvenience caused (the cost for these can be taken from the Penalty Charge Notices issued thus far)

    Elias Chrysostomou, Lead Petitioner was given the opportunity to address the Committee, requesting the action outlined opposite in the referral.


    The Chairman raised the point that residents were provided with the opportunity to raise concerns about the proposed operating procedures of the CPZ at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Area Committee Funding - Community Infrastructure Levy update pdf icon PDF 237 KB

    Additional documents:


    This report updated Members of the budget allocations for the Chipping Barnet Area Committee, to enable consideration of funding during 2018/19.


    RESOLVED that


    1.    The Amount available for allocation during 2018/19, as set out in Appendix 1, be noted;


    2.    The Committee note the amount of re-allocated underspends and overspends in Section 2.1.



Members' Items (if any)




Members' Items - Area Committee Funding Applications (if any) pdf icon PDF 70 KB

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Sowerby - Netherlands Road Width Restriction Barrier


    Councillor Sowerby introduced his request and explained that it was currently costing a substantial amount of money to repair and maintain the physical barrier at this site (£5000 in the past 6 months alone) Consequently, he suggested that an enforcement camera be installed at a cost of £15,000 from CIL funding, which would prove to be cost efficient in the long term.



     RESOLVED that CIL funding of £15,000 be agreed.




    Councillor Teare - Traffic calming on Hadley, Clifford and Woodville


    Councillor Weeden-Sanz stated that he lived near this location.


    Councillor Teare introduced his item and requested that any survey work be performed outside of school holidays and when roadworks had finished.


    The Committee also heard representations from local residents Paul Clark and Dan Hamilton, who outlined residents’ concerns and preferred solutions as well as photographic evidence.


    Highways Officers explained that the preferred option of a speed table was outside the financial remit of the committee which could only fund schemes up to £25,000. It was noted that Potters Road speed table, which had been LIP funded, had cost £75,000. The option of speed humps was discussed but Officers stated that these would very likely cost over £25,000 as they would need to be introduced in all three roads.  


    Officers suggested that the speed table option be added to the list of Highways schemes requiring LIP funding in the next financial year.


    RESOLVED that Officers be requested to add this request to the LIP funding list and confirm that it has been added with Councillor Teare.





    Councillor Rutter - Brunswick Park School Osidge Lane entrance Rutter Brunswick Park


    Councillor Rutter introduced her item, outlining the problems being encountered and requesting  double yellow lines around the round about  and side roads coming off it.


    Heather O’Connor also addressed the Committee with her concerns.


    RESOLVED that the request for yellow lines from CIL funding be agreed, to be funded from the £7000 overall package of Members requests for yellow lines.




    Councillor Coakley Webb - Parkside Gardens Double Yellow Lines


    This item had already been dealt with under referrals from Residents Forum.


    Councillor Byers -


    Councillor Byers was not present for the item.


    Some Members felt that the yellow lines already in place were sufficient as they were 15m in length.


    Members voted as follows on Councillor Byer’s request:




    RESOLVED that the request be refused.


    Councillor Stock - Double yellow lines on a very sharp blind bend at the top part of Hill Crescent


    Councillor Stock introduced her item and was supported in the request by Councillor Alison Cornelius.


    RESOLVED that the request for CIL funding for double yellow lines be agreed, as part of the overall package of Member requests for yellow lines.




    Councillor Alison Cornelius - Habitat Improvement and Information Project at Swan Lane Park, N20


    Councillor Alison Cornelius introduced her  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Rasper Road Consultation pdf icon PDF 42 KB

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Alison Cornelius outlined the findings of the Ward Councillor feedback received from their informal consultation.


    The Committee also noted a written public comment that had been received from Marcus Plows on this matter.


    The Committee voted on whether to take any further action on this matter as opinions varied across the four  roads on the days and timings the CPZ should operate. The Chairman further noted that the majority of effected residents had not bothered responding to the consultation survey which did not indicate a collective desire for a CPZ.


    For: 1

    Against: 4

    Abstained 2.


    RESOLVED that no further action be taken on introducing a CPZ at this location.







Livingstone School, EN4- Feasibility Study pdf icon PDF 261 KB

    Additional documents:


    This report detailed the results of a feasibility study which involved investigating measures to improve traffic flow during school opening and closing times around Livingstone School.




    1.    That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee note the review of the improvements in the area around Livingstone School as outlined in this report;

    2.   That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee approve the Officer preferred Option for a “point of no entry” system on to Baring Road from Castlewood Road;

    3.   That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee authorise the Strategic Director for Environment to consult residents and stakeholders on the preferred Options;

    4.   That subject to no objections being received to the statutory consultation, referred to in recommendation 3, the Chipping Barnet Area Committee instruct the Strategic Director for Environment to introduce the approved proposal;

    5.   That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee agree that if any objections are received as a result of the statutory consultations, referred to in recommendation 3, the Strategic Director for Environment will consider and determine whether the agreed proposal should be implemented or not, and if so, with or without modification;

    6.   That the Chipping Barnet Area Committee agree to allocate the funding of £15,400 CIL from this year’s CIL Area Committee budget to design and carry out statutory consultation and, subject to the outcome of that consultation, introduce the proposal.





Forward Work Programme (Continued) pdf icon PDF 195 KB


Any item(s) the Chairman decides are urgent