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Minutes of last meeting pdf icon PDF 89 KB


    The Chairman welcomed three new Members to the Committee: Cllr Weeden-Sanz, Cllr Gordon and Cllr Richman.


    RESOLVED – the minutes of the meeting held on 7 March 2019 were approved as an accurate record.


Absence of Members (If any)


    Apologies were received from Cllr Danny Rich and Cllr Charlie O’Macauley.


Declaration of Members' Disclosable Pecuniary interests and Non Pecuniary interests (If any)




Report of the Monitoring Officer (If any)




Selection of new CLLC Sub Committee pdf icon PDF 142 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the report from the Head of Governance.


    The Chairman moved to the vote on the officer’s recommendation:


    That the Committee consider and make appointments to the CLLC Sub Committee as set out in Appendix A:


    On 14 April 2015, the Community Leadership Committee resolved to set up a Sub-Committee:


    “to be convened only for the purpose of receiving nominations and determining applications for buildings / land to be listed as an Asset of Community Value (Community Right to Bid) when there is no scheduled meeting of the full Committee which falls within the eight-week statutory deadline for determining applications. Membership of the Sub-Committee is proposed to be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Opposition Spokesperson, subject to this being reflective of the political balance of the Council. The Sub-Committee is to be effective from the Annual Council meeting on 13 May 2015 and will be incorporated into the report on the Appointment of Standing Committees and Political Proportionality”


    Following appointment by Council, the new Community Leadership and Libraries Committee is requested to vote on the new Membership of the Sub-Committee. Nominations are as below:


    Community Leadership and Libraries Sub-Committee - 3 Seats

    (Membership to consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Opposition Spokespersons appointment by CLLC)


    Conservative (2)

    Labour (1)

    1. Reuben Thompstone

    1. Sara Conway

    2. Roberto Weeden-Sanz



    Substitutes (3 Members to be drawn from either Party)

    (Substitute Membership to consist of 3 Members to be drawn from either Party)




    1. Lachhya Gurung

    1. Charlie O-Macauley

    2. Helene Richman

    2. Reema Patel

    3. Jennifer Grocock

    3. Danny Rich

    4. Brian Gordon



    RESOLVED – the recommendation was unanimously approved.




Public Comments and Questions (If any) pdf icon PDF 201 KB


    The Chairman proposed an amendment to the agenda order to avoid keeping waiting public speakers who had registered to comment and ask questions on Item 7. This was duly seconded.


    CARRIED– the amendment was unanimously approved.


    The Chairman referred to the addendum which listed all public comments and questions in order of receipt by the Governance Officer (with responses from officers). This had been published on the Barnet website prior to the meeting.


    The Chairman invited public speakers to the table in the order of the Governance Officer’s receipt of their requests to comment at the meeting. He noted that a total of 30 minutes was allocated for this in accordance with the Constitution.


    The following residents addressed the Committee:


    Keith Martin, Barbara Jacobson, Tatiana Rodrigues, Ruth Kersley (on behalf of Irini Rodis), Sia, Jennifer McCarthy (on behalf of Harriet Connides) and Mary Beer.


    Cllr Anne Hutton also addressed the Committee on Item 7.











Members' Items (If any)




Evaluation of new Library Service Model pdf icon PDF 273 KB


    The Head of Libraries Service presented her report to the Committee.


    The report set out a proposal for an independent evaluation of the new model library service which had been approved by Council on 4 April 2016.


    Councillor Sara Conway moved an amendment to the Recommendations, which was seconded by Cllr Patel:


    That the Committee add the following issues to the scope of the evaluation:

    ·         Toilet access

    ·         Library hygiene

    ·         Personal safety and safeguarding

    ·         Impact of reduced space on service users


    This was unanimously approved.


    CARRIED – the amendment was agreed.


    Further to a discussion and Public Comments and Questions (above) the Chairman moved to the vote on the Substantive Recommendations:


    1.    That the Committee approve and comment on the proposed principles  and scope of the evaluation of the library service.

    1.1  That the Committee add the following issues to the scope of the  



    ·         Toilet access

    ·         Library hygiene

    ·         Personal safety and safeguarding

    ·         Impact of reduced space on service users



    2.    That the Committee approve in principle, the appointment of an independent agency to conduct the evaluation and that delegated authority be provided to the Executive Director, Family Services to source, through procurement the appropriate provider, in consultation with the Chairman of the Committee.


    The Recommendations were unanimously APPROVED.



Preventing and Responding to Violence against Women and Girls & Domestic Abuse (VAWG & DA) - Annual Report (2018/2019) pdf icon PDF 455 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman invited to the table:


    ·         Ms Kiran Vagarwal, Assistant Director of Community Safety and Regulatory Services

    ·         Mr Ian Helcke, Housing Service Manager, Barnet Homes


    Ms Vagarwal spoke to the report ‘Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Domestic Abuse (DA) 2018-2019’.  She noted that Barnet’s VAWG Strategy sets out how the Barnet Safer Communities Partnership (BSCP) works to prevent and respond to Domestic Abuse (DA) and underlines the BSCP’s commitment to working together to prevent all forms of VAWG.


    A Member requested an update on the issue of modern day slavery and human trafficking. Ms Vagarwal would forward this to Committee Members following the meeting.

    Action: Ms Vagarwal


    A Member asked about the take-up of CommUNITY Barnet’s initiative to provide training in healthy relationships (for trainers) which would begin in October. Ms Vagarwal would forward details to the Committee.

    Action: Ms Vagarwal


    It was noted that Mr Helcke is Lead for Domestic Violence in Barnet Homes’ housing options service so is the main contact.


    A Member asked for an update on the detection rates for VAWG and DA. Ms Vagarwal responded that the Metropolitan Police’s Command Unit for Barnet, Harrow and Brent had put in place a Safeguarding Investigations Team which is working with uniformed colleagues on ways to identify gaps in detection. Also all incidents were reported to the Police Community Safety Unit. In addition a Detective Inspector had been allocated to Colindale Police station for oversight on DA.


    Ms Vagarwal added that many community partners were aware of the Perpetrator Programme which focuses on behaviour change.


    A Member enquired about the One Stop Shop; numbers had increased between 2016-18 so could a continued increase be managed? Mr Helcke noted that additional funding had been secured for a part-time role to support the One Stop Shop. This was currently being run by volunteers.


    A Member asked about anti-social behaviour, drugs and safety on the streets of Barnet particularly at night. Ms Vagarwal noted that the Strategy focuses on preventing and responding to violence including a closer look at attitudes. Areas of ASB and other issues would become part of intervention when highlighted. The challenge as to not increase fear of crime. The Safer Communities Partnership Board (SCPB) could consider this, including the safety of transport at night for example.Ms Vagarwal would discuss this with her team.


    Mr Helcke spoke to his presentation.


    Barnet Homes (BH) has had a Domestic Violence Worker in its housing options service for several years and BH is engaged with specific actions to support the Strategy including delivering housing support and advice to victims of DV, as well as providing a Refuge.


    A Member noted that the Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May MP had announced that local authorities would have a legal duty to house DV victims.

    The Member enquired about the change in policy in relation to the 5-year residential connection to an area which had been a problem for some DV victims. Ms Vagarwal noted  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


End of Year (EOY) 2018/19 Community Leadership and Libraries Performance Report pdf icon PDF 355 KB


    The Committee was asked to review the financial, performance and risk information for EOY 2018/19 and make any referrals to Policy and Resources Committee or Financial Performance and Contracts Committee in accordance with the terms of reference of these Committees.


    Resolved – this was noted with no referrals.


Presentation on Community Cohesion Campaign


    Will Cooper, Interim Community Engagement and Strategy Lead gave a presentation to the Committee on Barnet’s Community Cohesion Programme ‘Together we are Barnet’.


    The year-long campaign was launched on 3 June and aimed to counter negative narratives and celebrate diversity as a positive social force that makes Barnet a better place to live.


    There is a campaign hub on the Engage Barnet website:


    Staff would be promoting the campaign on 4th July at Brent Cross Shopping Centre.


    Further to a motion resolved at Council, 18 December 2018, to instruct CLLC to consider ways of bringing residents together during the winter festive season, a WinterFaiths Festival would be held in 2019 in recognition that many faiths celebrate a festival at this time of year. This would include an externally funded Christmas market, carol services, Menorah lightings and community meals.


    The Strategy Team would be working with Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector groups throughout the year to identify projects and events.


    Proposals can be sent to








CLLC Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 200 KB


    This was noted.


Any item(s) the Chairman decides are urgent