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Venue: Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, NW4 4BG

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Welcome and Introductions


    The Chairman of the Children’s Trust Board, Councillor Reuben Thompstone welcomed the members of the Board and thanked them for their attendance.

    Apologies noted from John Morton, David Byrne, Dr Clare Stephens and Angela Trigg. David Byrne was substituted by Maria Walken (Barnet Southgate College).



Minutes of the meeting held on 24 April 2014 pdf icon PDF 40 KB


    Subject to the correction from ‘Mr Ian’ to ‘Mr Ian Harrison’ on page 2 of the Agenda report, the minutes of the Barnet Children’s Trust Board meeting held on 24 April 2014 were agreed as a correct record.



Future of the Children's Trust Board pdf icon PDF 102 KB


    The Chairman noted the two options set out in the paper for the future of the Children’s Trust Board and its Executive Management Group.

    Mr Mass informed that under the first option, the Safeguarding Children Board, Health and Well-Being Board and the Safer Communities Partnership Board would ensure that the objectives identified in the Children and Young People’s Plan are integrated within their respective work programmes.

    Kate Kennally Strategic Director for Communities (LBB) emphasised the importance of working towards good partnerships and ensuring that the Safer Communities Partnership Board and the Health & Well-Being Board agree to incorporate the CYPP within their work plans. (Action: Val White and James Mass)

    Resolved that the Board agree to develop an alternative governance approach to achieve the partnership’s objectives (option 1 on page 7 of the Agenda).   



Children's Safeguarding- update (Presentation)


    Councillor Reuben Thompstone, Chairman of the Children’s Trust Board welcomed Chris Miller, Chairman of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

    Mr Miller informed the Board about the review of current multi-agency working to ensure that the welfare of children are safeguarded and promoted in the borough.

    Kate Kennally, the Strategic Director for Communities (LBB) expressed that it is vital to ensure good partnership input from all partners and to share intelligence about lessons learnt.  Dr Andrew Howe informed the Board of the Special Newsletter relating to the potential danger of baby slings. The Chairman noted the importance of dissemination of the Special Newsletter information.

    Action: Salar Rida to circulate the Newsletter produced by the Harrow Child Death Overview Panel to the members of the Children’s Trust Board

    Action: For Chairman of the Barnet Safeguarding Children Board to consider sending a letter to A&E departments on the dissemination of information and review of intelligence sharing measures, particularly relating to domestic violence                           

    The Chairman thanked Mr Miller for his detailed presentation and the updates provided.



Youth violence- update (Presentation)


    Kiran Vagarwal, Head of Community Safety (LBB) and Peter Clifton, Data Analyst (LBB) presented the item to the members of the Children’s Trust Board. Mr Clifton informed that there has been a reduction in figures for serious youth violence over the last year to April 2014. Mr Clifton further noted that the data for knife crime show a 26% reduction against the previous year to June 2014.

    The Board were informed about the importance of a partnership and community wide approach to youth crime prevention and effective interventions to minimise risks for youth crime and anti-social behaviour. Ms Vagarwal highlighted the essential elements for an effective gang prevention strategy and the importance of strong local leadership in tackling gangs and youth violence.

    Action: The Presentation on Youth Violence to be circulated to members of the Board

    Nicola Francis, Director for Family Services at LBB expressed a need to work in closer partnerships to tackle serious youth violence and to consider what support can be provided to families and children affected by crime.

    It was noted that Barnet will undergo a Peer Review that aims to support the community safety partnership in developing the way it delivers outcomes in tackling youth violence and managing risks to young victims and offenders.

    The Chairman commended the presentations and thanked the members of the Board for the encouraging discussions on tackling youth crime and anti-social behaviour in the Borough.



The future delivery of Education and Skills services in Barnet pdf icon PDF 79 KB

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    Val White, Lead Commissioner for Schools, Skills and Learning at LBB, presented the item and informed of the consultation between the Council, schools and other stakeholders to develop a new model for delivering the Educations and Skills service in the borough.

    It was noted that given the financial challenge facing public services, it is important to consider an effective and efficient delivery model for a successful schools system.

    The Chairman thanked Ms White for the detailed presentation and urged the Board to note the work underway with schools, the options under consideration and the potential opportunities and challenges of developing a new model in Barnet.

    Resolved that:

    1)    The Board note new ambition and aims developed in partnership with schools.

    2)    The Board note the development of a new model of delivery for education services in Barnet.



Overview of Children's Health and Well Being Programmes in Public Health pdf icon PDF 85 KB

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    The Director for Public Health (Harrow Council and LBB), Dr Andrew Howe informed of the initiatives to improve the health and well-being of children in Barnet and the support provided to schools to reach healthy school status as part of the Barnet Well Being Schools Programme.

    The Board noted the positive feedback received from schools that have engaged with the Well Being Schools Programme and the importance of further support and training for healthy measures to be taken by schools and parents.



Foster carers (Presentation)


    The Board heard the experiences of two foster parents and the encouragement they experienced through social workers and the foster parents’ support network.  The Chairman thanked the guests for their contributions and commended the positive role of family support services.


Any Other Business

    Impact of Free Schools on School Budget Planning (Jack Newton)


    Resolved that the date of the next meeting will remain 23rd October 2014 10am until further notice.



Date of next meeting- 23 October 2014 10:00


    Interim date of the next meeting- 23 October 2014 10:00