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Venue: Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, NW4 4BG

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Welcome and Introductions pdf icon PDF 40 KB


    The Chairman of the Board, Councillor Thompstone welcomed members of the Board and thanked them for their attendance.


Minutes of the meeting held on 30 January 2014 pdf icon PDF 44 KB


    The minutes of the Barnet Children’s Trust Board meeting held on 30 January 2014 were agreed as a correct record.


Terms of Reference for Children's Trust Board pdf icon PDF 78 KB

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    The Lead Commissioner for Schools, Skills and Learning at LB of Barnet, Val White updated the Board on the annual review of the Terms of Reference. The Board noted the revised terms of Reference and the membership structure.

    Kate Kennally, the Strategic Director for             Communities at LBB, informed that a new committee system of governance will come into effect following the Local Elections in May 2014. Ms Kennally suggested that Board members complete a survey on the future development and work plan for the Board. It was noted that the survey will provide members with the opportunity to review the effectiveness of the Board and the current structural and meeting arrangements. (Action: Val White, James Mass)

    Action:For members of the Board to complete the Review Survey

    RESOLVED that the Board note and agree the revised Terms of Reference for the Children’s Trust Board



Children and Young People's Plan - end of year review and re-commitment to the plan pdf icon PDF 83 KB

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    Duncan Tessier, Early Intervention and Prevention Assistant Director and Ian Harrison, Education and Skills Director at LB Barnet presented the annual review of the performance of the Children and Young People’s Plan 2013/14. The Board noted the key highlights against the targets set out in the 2013/14 Plan.

    Mr Harrison noted the effectiveness of the Platforms Programme in reducing the number of 16-19 year old not in education, employment or training. Mr Harrison informed that the Pupil Premium funding has been utilised to address the needs of pupils on Free School Meals.

    The Board noted the progress of the new intervention in Burnt Oak as a response to risks around youth crime and to keep young people safe.


    Councillor Helena Hart, the Cabinet Member for Public Health at LB Barnet emphasised the importance of support and promotion of health programmes at Schools across the Borough. Dr Andrew Howe, Public Health Director at LB Barnet and LB Harrow informed the Board that the Health Promotion programme has been received well at schools and highlighted the work in ensuring the sustainability of the programme.

    Mr Harrison noted that all Clinical Commissioning Group contracts include an improvement plan for the full implementation of Children and Family Act 2014. It was further noted that CCG will focus efforts on improving outcomes in maternity care as part of the Early Years review.

    Ms Kennally commended the achievements delivered and noted the importance of the effective partnership of this Board and the Children’s Safeguarding Board in supporting the development of children and young people in Barnet.


    Dr Howe noted the importance of a co-ordinated approach to providing mothers and young children with a high quality health service through health visitors and Family Nurse Partnerships. Judith Barlow, Associate Director Children of Family Health and Well-being Services (Central London Community Health Trust) informed that peer-support could be used to improve the impact of health visits and promote immunisations across the Borough. Portia Kumalo of the Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group noted that mothers should be given adequate support and information at early stages of pre-birth and in the early years of the child’ life.

    Councillor Thompstone thanked Mr Ian and Mr Tessier for the detailed presentation and noted the need for a partnership approach in improving outcomes for children and young people and to address priorities where further work is needed.



Child poverty & welfare reform


    The Board noted the detailed presentation by James Mass, the Family & Community Well-being Lead Commissioner (LB Barnet) and Rachel Williamson, Commissioning and Policy Advisor (LBB).

    The Board was informed that the highest percentage of children on Free School Meals are in the wards Colindale, Burnt Oak, Childs Hill, Underhill and East Finchley.

    Ms Williamson informed the Board of the key impacts of the Welfare Reform.  The Board heard that over 9,000 households experienced a shortfall between their Local Housing Allowance rates and rent rates.

    Ms Williamson informed the Board that short term Discretionary Housing Payment may be available to households to assist with the shortfall between rent and benefits received.

    The Chairman indicated the importance of the work of the Barnet Benefit Cap Task Force in safeguarding vulnerable families and measures for homelessness prevention. Dr Andrew Howe queried if ward-specific information about the impact of the Welfare Reform can be circulated to the members of the Board. Portia Kumalo queried whether initiatives can be taken to make healthy food more affordable to families in Barnet. 

    Jack Newton, Head teacher at Grasvenor Avenue Infant School welcomed the presentation and noted that school performance and attendance indicators can be used to provide an insight on the impacts of the Welfare Reforms in Barnet.

    Ms Kennally informed the Board that identification of forthcoming decisions in tackling child poverty is vital at this stage. The Chairman commended the positive nature of the discussions and requested that the Board agree the recommendations put forward.

    1. RESOLVED that the Board note the presentation and the priorities identified in the Welfare Reform programme 2014/15

    2. Resolved that the following Recommendations are agreed:

    A)     The Children and Young People’s Plan act as our Child Poverty Strategy.

    B)     That EMG is asked to enhance this with a more detailed, joint needs analysis for child poverty.

    C)     A consultation with children and families on the joint needs analysis is conducted.


Draft early intervention strategy pdf icon PDF 80 KB

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    The Early Intervention and Prevention Assistant Director, Duncan Tessier presented the draft early intervention strategy. Mr Tessier emphasised the support required to meet the challenges ahead and generate good results through consist monitoring.


    Mr Tessier emphasised that developing a shared plan for Early Intervention would mean that partners would provide staff resource to map their current provision, examine interdependencies across the partnership, and work together to produce joint targets.


    In order to monitor the key achievements of the Early Intervention strategy, Mr Tessier informed the Board that a set of indicators will be implemented. The Chairman noted the importance of a single partnership approach to the Early Intervention strategy and the opportunities for efficiency and alignment.



    RESOLVED that the Board agree to commit to the creation of a shared plan for Early Intervention and that the partners of the Board provide staff resource for Early Intervention provisions.


    RESOLVED that Board agree to bring back integrated plans to the Children’s Trust Board.



Any Other Business


    There was none.


Presentation from incoming and outgoing members of the youth parliament


    The Chairman welcomed the members of the youth parliament for comments and questions.


Date of Next Meeting - 24 July 2014 10:00