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    Councillor Thompstone, the Cabinet Member for Education, Children and Families welcomed members of the Board and thanked them for their attendance.


Minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2013 pdf icon PDF 58 KB


    Subject to a spelling correction from “Berlow” to “Barlow” (p3) the minutes of the meeting of the Barnet Children’s Trust Board held on 24 October 2013 were agreed as a correct record.


    The Board noted the opportunities to review the strength of the partnership in setting positive outcomes for young people and the actions taken since 24 October 2013.


Improving outcomes for children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities - Introduction to the Children and Families Bill pdf icon PDF 124 KB

    Ian Harrison Education and Skills Director,


    Penny Richardson, Interim Head of Service – Inclusion and Skills , LBB


    Paper attached   and presentation    


    Kate Kennally, Strategic Director for Communities, invited the Board to review a suitable strategy for improving outcomes for all children and young people across the borough in light of the Children & Families Bill. The Board heard that in November 2013 the Health & Well-being Board agreed in principle to sign-up to the Disabled Children’s Charter. Ms Kennally reminded the Board that it had endorsed the Disabled Children’s Charter and noted the progress that has been made against the commitment of the Charter.

    The Education and Skills Director, Ian Harrison, informed that the Children and Families Bill contains provisions that have an impact on adoption services, family justice, special educational needs, and services for vulnerable children.

    Penny Richardson, Interim Head of Service Inclusion and Skills at LBB, updated the Board on the possible implications of the proposed Children and Families Bill in relation to services for children with special educational need. Ms Richardson identified that the aim of the proposals is to improve the way in which children with Special Educational Needs are identified, assessed and provided for.

    The proposals identify the benefits of early intervention to prevent higher levels of care needed later in life and to provide parents of children with SEN with greater control and involvement. The Bill proposes to extend the SEN system from birth - 25 and improve the cooperation between all services that support children and their families.

    The Board heard that the local authority is leading a partnership response to measures in line with the proposed Bill, with an implementation date of September 2014.

    As part of the proposals under the Children and Families Bill, Penny Richardson informed the Board that there will be an option for a Personal Budget for parents of children and young people with an Education, Health and Care plan. The Board heard the importance of identifying services with potential for the development of personal budgets and Education, Health and Care Plans.

    One of the core elements identified in the Bill is the review and strategy for improving joint commissioning arrangements. Ms Richardson noted that feedback from service users indicated the need for a universal approach on a one stop platform across the partnership in offering and arranging services for those with Special Educational Needs, Learning difficulties and Disabilities to achieve their potential. This is therefore an opportune moment for school leaders and key stakeholders to help parents in accessing services through a single source for coherent and complete information.

    The Board noted the plans under the Local Offer for the monitoring of delegated funding to allow for an effective structure to support parents. The scheme would also enable effective review of the impact of funding against the plans and actions that have been implemented. A key element of the Local Offer is effective communication with stakeholders, including easier access to service providers for parents of disabled children.

    Ms Richardson noted that under the Education Health and Care Plans, young adults should be better supported as they make the transition between  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


The experience of Barnet families with children with Special Education Needs: feedback from research and discussion

    Innovation Unit


    Feedback and Discussion


    The Family & Community Well-being Lead Commissioner James Mass, introduced guests Aviv Katz and Jonathan Mallinson of the Innovation Unit to the Board. Mr Katz and Mr Mallinson presented the feedback of the experience of families with Special Educational Needs for clearer understanding of the transition towards independence and adulthood.

    Mr Katz detailed the objectives and feedback of the research towards transition into adulthood as experienced by children with SEN. The Board heard detailed feedback of the experience of a family. Mr Mallinson informed the Board that the opportunity to record the daily experience of the family had been a privilege as the family has been keen to share their lives with the team. 

    The Board was informed that in order to enable families to plan towards growth it would be desirable to draft a comprehensive care plan in discussion with a number of services. The care plan would involve taking into account accessing formal and informal support opportunities.

    The Chairman thanked the guests from the Innovation Unit for their detailed presentation.


    Resolved for the Board to note the presentation and consider the access to support for families with children with Special Educational Needs

    Resolved for the Board to note the report detailing the findings of the feedback



Meeting the challenge and seizing the opportunity - discussion of the implications for Children's Trust Board partners

    Val White- Lead Commissioner, Schools, Skills and Learning, LBB


    Feedback and Discussion


    Val White, Lead Commissioner for Schools, Skills and Learning at LBB, informed the Board that the discussion of the implications for the partnership present an opportune moment to set priorities, review key goals with partners and to discuss the reshape of services in light of financial cuts.

    Janet Mathewson, Head of Children and Young People’s Services at CommUnity Barnet, noted that following a diagnosis, it is important to inform families with children with SEN of the opportunities in accessing services including the local community and the voluntary sector. Ms Mathewson requested for the Board to consider the options for a multi-agency referral system and a single point of contact for forward referrals to relevant support organisations. 

    The Board were advised of the importance of the up-to-date Early Support programme in Barnet to help families in Barnet in accessing services. Portia Kumalo noted the importance of considering the facilities to enable parents to plan towards growth and asked the Board to consider ways of achieving this. 

    Judith Barlow, Associate Director Children of Family Health and Well-being Services (Central London Community Health Trust), commented that the Board should consider a constructive plan towards growth and setting out ambitions for families.

    Jack Newton, Head teacher at Grasvenor Avenue Infant School, requested the Board to consider a consistent approach in the support for families and their children and to continue to share knowledge and experience with all partners. Ms White agreed with the comments expressed and highlighted the importance of a consistent approach towards enabling families to access as much support as possible. 

    The Strategic Director for Communities at LBB commended the positive nature of the discussions. Ms Kennally advised that as a result of relative high number of tribunal cases, there is an indication that the service areas are under stress. To address the capacity challenges in context of schools, it is important to sustain high level of support through the lives of young adults.

    Andrew Travers, Chief Executive at LB Barnet, highlighted the need for consistent support for families in order to help understand and effectively manage Personal Budgets. Ms Kennally noted that the Board consider a single plan to invest efforts and energy to support families and enable young persons to become independent. The Director for Family Services at LB Barnet, Nicola Francis informed the Board that it is important to consider the concept of growth in light of the provision of services beyond the age of 18.

    In light of the proposals under the Children and Families Bill, Ms Kennally commented that the Board consider the work-streams for the Local Offer, EHC Plan and Personal Budgets- in particular the creation of a disability service team for the 0-25 group. 

    The Chairman thanked the Board for the helpful and informative discussion and noted the opportunities for the partners to consider a consistent concept for growth and support for the 0-25 group.

    RESOLVED for the Board to note the challenges and implications of the work-streams towards the preparation of the Local Offer,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


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Date of Next Meeting- 24 April 2014 14:00


    Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 24 April 2014 at 2:00 pm