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    CM welcomed all board members to the meeting, round the table introductions were carried out.




Absence of Members'


    Apologies were received from Helen Phelan, Sarah De Souza, Katie Wood, Graig Bradley, Janet Matthewson, Faisal Butt, Sarah Sands, Liz Longworth, Murtaza Khanbhai, Claire Callaghan.


    Madeline Rose attended on behalf of Esmond Rosen from the Barnet Multi-Faith Forum.



Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 312 KB


    Minutes of the last meeting were approved as a correct record. There were no matters arising.


Young Person's Survey - TO FOLLOW


    The Young Person’s Survey was presented by Daniel Morris from Opinion Research Services (ORS).


    The survey covered a range of topics and highlighted the areas in which results have improved and the satisfaction with services in comparison to previous years.


    It was agreed that this data would be shared with relevant partners and colleagues across the Council, including; Barnet First, First Team, CMT, Lunch and Learns, Headteachers Forum, and that the results of the survey would be considered in the design of the Local Plan. The Young Person’s Survey is due to be reported to the meeting of the Children, Education and Safeguarding Committee in May 2020.


    Action: RE to circulate the results of the Survey as above.



Child Poverty Strategy 2020-2024 pdf icon PDF 1 MB


    The report was presented by Ben Thomas. The Board discussed if there was any further information that needed including in the Strategy and suggestions were made on revisions and further additions including; an oral health plan to be included as an action under the priorities, a more detailed narrative on closing the gap on raw attainment at schools (Action: NM) and that the Strategy should be put onto the portal for further views and consultation.


    Action: Strategy to be updated with Board’s amendments and to go to the Children’s Education and Safeguarding Committee in March 2020 for recommendation to agree to a public consultation and following consultation, to delegate authority for implementation to the Executive Director, Children and Young People.





Draft Autism Strategy pdf icon PDF 474 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Strategy was presented by Collette McCarthy. The Board discussed the data, including how to continue to support people with autism across the age ranges, including transitioning from a young person to adulthood and wants for the future, supporting parents and carers, how people with autism experience services and investment in identification and diagnosis. CM requested that if the Board felt there were further gaps or recommendations then to email them to her. The Strategy as previously been presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board and was positively received.


    Action: The Draft Autism Strategy will be presented to the Children’s, Education and Safeguarding Committee in May.




CAMHS transformation pdf icon PDF 883 KB


    The plan was presented by Zoe Garbett. The Board discussed how the thrust of the plan is to embed and move considered and preventative support away from tiered thinking and the role Barnet is playing in developing different models.


    The Chair thanked Zoe for her update. No further actions were recorded.


Children & Young People Action Plan Summary pdf icon PDF 467 KB


    The Board discussed the report which provides a summary of the key activities that have taken place in Q3 of 19/20 against the six outcomes set out in the Children and Young People’s Plan. The updates were provided by a range of partners.


    Action: A summary of these updates will be going to the Children, Education and Safeguarding Committee in March 2020.


Educational Standards Report pdf icon PDF 496 KB

    Additional documents:


    The report was present by Neil Marlow (Cambridge Education).


    The Board discussed the report, including how well schools were doing in Barnet and the need to continue to focus on the most vulnerable. It was noted that none of the school’s representatives had been able to attend and their contribution would be valued.


    Action: To ensure schools representatives are able to attend the next Board meeting – NM



Communications Strategy Update - POSTPONED TO A FUTURE MEETING


    The Communications Strategy Update will be considered at the next Board meeting.


Barnet Local Plan pdf icon PDF 313 KB


    The Local Plan was presented to the Board by the Planning Team, who advised that the consultation was open until 16th March 2020 and that this was a great opportunity for the Board to highlight the provisions they would like included in the Plan. The Board discussed the need to ensure that the relevant health, community and educational infrastructure was provided, as well as necessary public transport to service the new houses that are planned.


    The Board agreed that it would be useful to initiate a separate workshop to sit down with the Planning Team and the CCG and work through together what is needed.


    Action: LR to pull together a list of attendees and arrange workshop as requested.


Any Other Business


    Lee Robinson requested that any items to be added to the Work Programme be emailed to him.


    Officers were asked to encourage those members and young people who had not attended the meeting to ensure they could be present at future meetings.