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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2013 be approved as a correct record, subject to the inclusion of Julie Pal (CommUNITY Barnet) in the list of attendees.



Welcome and Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence had been received from:


·           Councillor Daniel Thomas, LB Barnet

·           Councillor Ross Houston, LB Barnet

·           Dr Debbie Frost, Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group

·           David Byrne, Barnet and Southgate College

·           Heath Harvey, Saracens

·           Gordon Banks, Saracens


The Chairman, Councillor Richard Cornelius, LB Barnet, welcomed those present.  He highlighted that the Borough was undergoing significant changes in terms of population, economy, health, growth, education and policing.  Work relating to One Public Estate was considered to be important, particularly by providing the infrastructure required to support Barnet’s growth and development including key worker housing, schools and healthcare facilities.  He reflected that the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration scheme would provide significant opportunities, providing that it was supported by the relevant infrastructure.



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To seek formal agreement of partners of the five partnership themes


John Hooton, Interim Chief Executive, LB Barnet presented the five partnership themes set out in the report:


Entrepreneurial Barnet –

Developing skills programmes and links with major employers. 

Addressing local skills gaps in the NHS and social care to reduce high reliance on agency and locum staff 

Supporting apprenticeships in Barnet including with the council, partners and major employers in the borough  


Community Participation –

Enabling community engagement and involvement to reduce reliance on statutory services


Use of Assets –

Exploring co-location of services across agencies to rationalise assets

Partnership working to overcome estates issues


Smart Cities –

Investment in innovation, technology and digital


Arts and Culture –

Development of a local arts and culture strategy


In relation to Entrepreneurial Barnet it was suggested that consideration should be given to micro businesses and self-employed as these were a key component of Barnet’s economy.  It was noted that small businesses wanted to be engaged and included in the community and it was requested that the strategy consider and include this.  Responding to a question, the Chairman confirmed that Entrepreneurial Barnet included micro businesses within the term ‘small business’ and that the council would respond to the Government’s Industrial Strategy consultation.


In relation to Smart Cities, a Board Member requested that partners consider how agencies could share data and intelligence to improve coordination.  It was highlighted that the provision of superfast broadband would be essential.  The Chairman advised the Board that there were on-going issues in the borough relating to engagement with BT Openreach.


In relation to Community Participation, the sustainability elements were welcomed and it was suggested that there should be links to parks and open spaces in the borough.


In relation to the Use of Assets, it was noted that health had been encouraging the co-location of voluntary sector services and that this supported increased participation and engagement with these services.


In relation to Arts and Culture, it was highlighted that there should be a recognition that creative industries were big employers and it was requested that the strategy focus on employment in the arts and culture as well as cultural places and spaces.  The importance of being clear which creative industries were important to Barnet, and why, was noted.


RESOLVED that the five themes for partnership working be agreed and that they should form the basis of future agenda planning.



Use of Public Sector Assets pdf icon PDF 93 KB

To identify options for improved use of public sector assets including possibilities for co-location agenda and potential public land which could be released for development


Stephen Evans, Interim Chief Operating Officer, LB Barnet presented a report which set out options for improved use of public sector assets including possibilities for co-location and potential public land which could be released for development.  The Board were advised that Barnet were participating in the One Public Estate (OPE) programme and had received confirmation that the application for Phase 5 funding of £100K had been successful. 


A Board Member questioned the NHS approach to land and asset management and highlighted that NHS Prop Co valuations were impacting on the affordability and viability of GP services. 


In relation to council owned assets such as retail units it was suggested that rent increases should be proportionate to ensure the viability of high streets.  It was also recommended that consideration be given to the provision of affordable workspaces. 


The Department for Work and Pensions reported that they were consolidating all of their Barnet premises into two sites at the Finchley and Barnet job centres.


RESOLVED that the update be noted and the Board endorse the LBB OPE Phase 5 grant funding application and for partners to contribute ideas for OPE Phase 6.



Apprenticeships Levy pdf icon PDF 55 KB

To consider the implications of the levy and opportunities for collaboration


Cath Shaw, Interim Deputy Chief Executive and Commissioning Director for Growth & Development, LB Barnet presented a report on the Apprenticeship Levy.  The report identified that from May 2017 larger employers would be charged a levy of 0.5% of their pay bill to fund an additional 3 million apprenticeships by 2020.  Partners were requested to consider ways that they could work together to maximise the use of contributions and promote opportunities to local residents.


The Board suggested that consideration should be given to the ways that small and micro businesses could benefit from apprentices and it was proposed that there should be coordination across Barnet.  A Board Member suggested that pre-employment routes (such as training) should be taken linked into the local approach to apprenticeships.  Partners considered that apprenticeships should be high quality with a focus on outcomes. 


A Board Member identified that for large projects involving multiple contractors that there could be an issue with the quality of apprentices.  It was suggested that for the larger and more complex projects, the Board may wish to consider expanding the pool of candidates to the West London sub-region rather than Barnet only.


It was noted that retail and hospitality were large sectors in the borough and that partners should consider how to include this in Barnet’s approach to apprentices.


The Board highlighted that it could be difficult for small businesses to absorb apprentices into the business in the long-term.  In cases where they were able to absorb apprentices, progression could be an issue.  It was suggested that a West London or pan-London approach to apprentices and small businesses could be helpful.




1.    the implications of the Apprenticeship Levy be noted; and


2.    the Board take into account the suggestions detailed above when developing Barnet’s approach to collaboration on apprenticeships. 



Brent Cross Cricklewood

To set out progress of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration scheme and future proposals


To receive presentations from Argent Related and Hammerson


Tom Nathan, General Manager at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, and Andre Gibbs, Partner at Argent LLP, delivered a presentation on the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration scheme. 


Tom Nathan advised the Board that the redevelopment of the shopping centre would be focussed on the North side of the North Circular Road and would include the development of unutilised parts of the existing estate.  He reported that shopping centre would be the main shopping destination for North London and surrounding area.  Public transport connections would be improved including the creation of a new Brent Cross mainline railway station and a doubling of the size and enclosure of the existing bus station.  Three new blocks of retail and leisure spaces would be created and connected to the existing shopping centre.  The existing centre would receive a £70 million refurbishment.  The current provision of 7,600 car park spaces would be maintained in reconfigured multi-storey car parks.  A living bridge and new town square to the South of the site would connect the shopping centre with the community living on the South side of the North Circular Road.  Investment in infrastructure and roads to improve traffic flows around Staples Corner would be in the region of £250 - £350 million.  In the new shopping centre there would be a growth in food and leisure uses with a whole floor dedicated to dining and food uses.


Andre Gibbs advised the Board that the South side of the scheme would deliver 6,700 new homes and 4 million square feet of office space.  It was highlighted that the current provision of office space in the region was considered to be of generally poor quality and that the focus would be high-quality office space for medium and larger sized enterprises.  Residential units would be of different tenure types, including some for rental only.  The Board were informed that the initial stage of the South side regeneration would be the relocation of the Whitefield Estate.  It was noted that planning phases were in progress and architects had been selected for the design of first buildings on-site.


The Board suggested that Transport for London should be involved in the planning stages.  It was suggested that they be invited to give a presentation a future meeting of the Board on their plans for Barnet including Brent Cross Cricklewood. 




1.    the updates as reported to the Board be noted;


2.    the Board receive further updates on the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration scheme at future meetings; and


3.    TfL be invited to present to a future meeting of the Board.