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Appointment of Chairman


    RESOLVED that Councillor John Marshall be appointed as Chairman.


    An application was submitted to the Sub-committee by Mr Izzet Deniz Erpolat for a variation of the Premises Licence relating to Cielo Prlr, 1 Charcot Road Colindale London NW9 5HG under section 34 of the Licensing Act 2003.


    The Applicant made an Application to the Sub-committee to adjourn the hearing which was considered by the Sub- Committee. 


    The reason given for the application by the Applicant was because he had received a long list of objectors and information in support of the objections a week ago. The Applicant stated that he was not in a position to prepare to deal with the objections which he received a week before the hearing.


    The Panel noted that additional evidence was submitted by one of the objectors on the morning of the hearing by email. There was an issue as to whether the additional evidence had been submitted to licencing officer in advance of today’s hearing.


    The Panel also noted that this was a controversial application. The Panel felt that it was important that all the relevant evidence including the evidence that was alleged to have been submitted late by an objector was dealt with. The Panel was of the view that it was necessary for it to consider all the relevant representations on the application and that it was in the interest of justice that the applicant was given sufficient time to deal with all the objections including the late objections that had been raised in response to his application  


    In the circumstances, the Licensing Subcommittee decided to adjourn the hearing of the application to the 18 August 2020 at 10:30 am.







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