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Venue: Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BQ

Contact: Abigail Lewis, Email:, 020 8359 4369 

Note: Public Questions and Comments must be submitted by 10am on the third working day before the meeting. The deadline for this meeting is 10am on Wednesday 10 May. 

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    The Chairman noted the following corrections to the minutes of the meeting of the 6th February 2017.


    Page 3 of the minutes, 2nd paragraph: Remove ‘an’ from the sentence ‘in booking appointments and in finding an NHS surgery’.

    Page 5 of the minutes, 5th paragraph: Remove ‘s’ from the word numbers.

    Page 7 of the minutes, 3rd paragraph: Add the word ‘are’ to ‘Barnet but evident in all urban environments.

    Page 8, 1st paragraph: Haringey misspelt

    Page 8, 3rd paragraph: Capital letters for ‘Enhanced Assessment Service’.

    Page 9, 3rd paragraph: Remove apostrophe from GPs.


    The Chairman notified the Committee that a report on dental communities and providers would be collated and brought back to a future Committee meeting.


    The Chairman updated the Committee that Mr Snee would be asked to return to the July meeting to discuss the Colindale Health Project.


    Subject to the changes being taken into account the Committee agreed that the minutes of the last Committee held on the 6 February 2017 be approved as a correct record.


    The Chairman provided the Committee with the following updates:

    ·         That a paper on dental services would be requested from Dr Lake in addition to the report that was submitted by Healthwatch

    ·         That the forward work programme required updating and would be discussed at the end of the meeting.




Absence of Members


Declaration of Members' Interests


Report of the Monitoring Officer


Public Question Time (If Any)


Members' Items (If Any)


NHS Trust Quality Accounts 2016-2017 pdf icon PDF 286 KB

    Additional documents:


    North London Hospice


    The Chairman invited to the table:

    ·         Fran Deane – Director of Clinical Services, North London Hospice

    ·         Amanda Fairhurst – Registered Manager, North London Hospice


    The Committee scrutinised the Draft Quality Account from the North London Hospice for the year 2016-17 and wish to put on record the following comments:


    ·         The Committee was pleased to find the North London Hospice had been rated “Good” by the Care Quality Commission (CQQ) following three separate inspections of their Finchley, Winchmore Hill and Haringey services. The Committee congratulated the Hospice on the rating. The Chairman also congratulated the Hospice on its 25th anniversary.

    ·         The Committee commented that improvements had been made in terms of the layout of this year’s Quality Accounts.

    ·         The Committee noted plans to introduce a ‘Hard to Reach Groups’ programme to promote equal access to services for all potential users. The Hospice explained that although this was still being finalised, a group had now been established to work on the project and was planning meetings throughout the year. The Committee requested that information on the programme be brought back during the mid-year Quality Account’s review.

    ·         The Committee was happy with the quality of the Account and the inclusion of feedback from users. The Hospice explained it uses the feedback to keep track of how it is improving and to highlight areas where it can make further improvements. The Hospice explained that once the Dementia Strategy had been implemented, steps would be taken to investigate how the strategy was meeting the needs of the population. The Committee asked that data on the Dementia Strategy be included in the 2017/2018 Quality Account.

    ·         The Chairman expressed how impressed she was that the Hospice had 980 volunteers across all its services.

    ·         The Committee also praised the Hospice for their continuing work to reduce the number of patient falls, which this year is down from 36 to 27, whilst acknowledging the Hospice deals with very frail patients. The Hospice said there was ongoing work being carried out around falls and staff were trying to maintain a balance between preventing falls and allowing individuals to remain as independent as possible.

    ·         The Committee commended the Hospice on the 277 compliments received and said it was pleased to see some examples included in the report.

    ·         The Committee also noted that the Hospice’s goal of supporting people to die in their own homes, if this is their preferred choice, appeared to be a success having increased year on year.

    ·         The Committee noted the introduction of an Outcome Star, currently named The “End of Life Star”, and asked for more information about it. The Hospice explained that the Star is a collaborative piece of work with various organisations to achieve better training in hospices.

    ·         The Committee congratulated the Hospice on having achieved zero cases of Clostridium difficile (C.diff) and other infections over the past four years.


    ·         The Committee queried the figures surrounding bed usage and asked for clarification on whether the closed bed days had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Health Overview and Scrutiny Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 157 KB


    The Chairman invited to the table:


    ·         Councillor Helena Hart – Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board

    ·         Ms Rachel Wells – Public Health Consultant


    Councillor Hart said that it would be a good idea to investigate whether pressure ulcers were occurring outside the hospital setting e.g. at patients’ homes or in Care Homes. Councillor Hart suggested a report could be requested to investigate this.


    Councillor Hart also commented on the potential for a local plan for cyber disasters and that perhaps an emergency plan could be formulated. Ms Wells said that there were currently measures in place across the Council for emergencies via Business Continuity Plans. The Chairman requested a report be brought back to a future meeting on business continuity. Councillor Hart also informed the Committee that the next Health and Wellbeing Board meeting had been cancelled as it was due to be held on June 8th, Election Day.


    Ms Wells gave the Committee an update on the current work in Public Health. She informed the Committee that the campaign on diabetes was commencing in June, alongside a national diabetes prevention programme due to start soon. She said there were currently around 10,000 pre-diabetic people in Barnet and initial aim was to target 2,000 of them. In this connection, an event is being held at BurntOak and Councillor Stock informed the Committee that an awareness campaign was being held at Brent Cross on 12th June. Ms Wells also updated the Committee that the Shisha campaign had been very successful and a report was due to be presented at a future Health and Wellbeing Board meeting.


    Forward Work Programme

    Items to be added to the work programme:

    ·         The Chairman requested a report on missed GP appointments and asked that a representative from the CCG be present as well as Healthwatch. The Committee requested information to be included in this report surrounding strategies being used to reduce missed appointments.

    ·         The Chairman asked for an update on the parking situation at Barnet hospital and requested that the number of complaints received per week regarding parking be included in the report.

    ·         The Committee requested a report on dental health from Dr Lake, Public Health Harrow and Barnet. 

    ·         The Committee asked for an update on the Colindale Health Centre project from Mr Snee (Director of Commissioning, Barnet CCG) and Mr Taylor (Strategic Lead Development and Regeneration, Barnet) , as well as an update on GP coverage in the Borough. 

    ·         Healthwatch had submitted two enter and view reports: Lady Sarah Cohen and Clore Manor in Hendon. The Chairman said that if the reports were positive then these would just be circulated to Members but if the report suggested that there were concerns about the quality of care, then they would be brought to a future meeting.

    ·         The Committee requested a report on pressure ulcers, with an analysis of where they originate. Public Health suggested this would involve an audit of admissions and would need to be conducted by the CCG or  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Any Other Items that the Chairman Decides are Urgent




    Councillor Old thanked the Chairman for all her hard work over the year.


    The Chairman thanked Councillor Old for his assistance and dedication to the Committee and thanked all Committee members for their contribution at HOSC and to those that attend the JHOSC.


    The meeting finished at 21.52pm.