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    Corrections tothe Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 February2021:



    Matters arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 February2021:


    AgendaItem8,Page5 oftheMinutes- 4)Howdoes themortalityrate forNovemberand December2020andJanuary2021comparewiththesamemonths in2019and2020?

    TheChairmanreportedthat shehadreceivedmortality ratedata fromtheRoyalFreeHospital NHSFoundationTrust thathadnotbeenavailableat theFebruary 2021meeting:


    ·         November 2019-1.03%, December2019 - 1.43%, January2020 1.06%

    ·         November 2020 1.12%, December2020 1.65%, January 20215.08%


    AgendaItem10,Page8 oftheMinutesCQCMaternity ReportUpdate.TheChairmanreported that Dr Greenbergwould verbally updatethe Committeeduringthe meeting.


    AgendaItem11, Page9 oftheMinutes AlternativeProviderMedicalServices(APMS)Cricklewood.The Chairmannotedthat shehad notreceiveda responseon Item11 ofthe previousagenda(APMS)fromMsPiper. However,havingsent severalreminders,she hadreceivedan emailthepreviousday(18 May2021)and hadbeeninformedthat, dueto adelaywithprocurement, theGP Surgerywillremain inthecurrentpremisesfor the timebeing. The Chairmanaddedthat shehadaskedto besentinformationaboutthenew provider as soon as possible, buthad received no responsetodate.


    RESOLVEDthatthe CommitteeapprovedtheMinutes ofthemeetingheld on19 May2021as anaccurate record.



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    AgendaItem10 -CllrCooke declareda non-pecuniaryinterest inthathis daughteris employedby UniversityCollege LondonHospitals(UCLH)and hiswifeworkspart timeat StGeorges NHS FoundationTrust.


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Minutes of the North Central Sector London Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 286 KB


    RESOLVEDthattheCommittee notedthe MinutesoftheNCLJHOSCMeeting heldon 29 January 2021.



Coronavirus Update

    Director of Public Health


    The Chairman invited the following to the table:


               Dr Tamara Djuretic, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Barnet

               Ms Jane Hawdon, Consultant Neonatologist, Medical Director and Responsible Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (deputising for Dr Chris Streather)

               Dr Mike Greenberg, Medical Director, Barnet Hospital


    Dr Djuretic reported that current coronavirus rates in Barnet were around 20 per 100,000 and that data is published weekly. Approximately 33,000 tests were being carried out weekly with around 0.2% positivity rate which was continuing to decrease. Schools were testing all pupils and staff on a regular basis.


    Dr Djuretic added that some mutations could become a concern. There were a small number of cases of the ‘Indian’ Variant in Barnet. 15 people had been identified in April and five in May but no areas of concern had been identified. Surge testing is being carried out in schools where cases have been identified in order to ensure that the variant is not spreading. Ten areas in the Borough are being asked to conduct additional testing. Across the country variants are emerging in areas with lower uptake of the vaccination and higher levels of infection.


    Dr Djuretic reported that London overall is sequencing positive cases and  also contact tracing every positive case, then trying to identify whether these were travel related or not.


    Dr Djuretic reported that Barnet has the highest vaccination uptake across North Central London (NCL). Vaccination was progressing well, with 184,500 first doses of the vaccine, and 62,000 second doses administered in Barnet. Uptake in Groups 1-4 was 89-90%, with uptake in the younger age groups at 60-70%. The uptake amongst care workers stands at 78%.


    Dr Djuretic reported that Barnet’s mass vaccination centre at Stone X (formerly Allianz Park) has been opened and has been a great success. Efforts were also being made to increase uptake where this was low, using pop-up clinics, links with faith groups and providing opportunities for asylum seekers, refugees and homeless people to receive the vaccine.


    The Chairman invited Dr Greenberg to respond to the Chairman’s four questions which had been sent in advance of the meeting:


    1)         How many people with Covid-19 have been admitted to the Trust’s hospitals in February, March and April 2021?


               February - 320

               March - 74

               April - 15


    2)         How many patients had been discharged, having been successfully treated for Covid-19 in February, March and April 2021?


               February - 555

               March - 169

               April – 3


    3)         How many patients have died of Covid-19 in the Trust’s hospitals during February, March and April 2021?


               February - 108

               March: 26

               April: RFH – 0


    4)         How does the mortality rate for February, March and April 2021 compare with the same months in 2020?


               Feb 2020:  1.29%, Feb 2021: 2.06%

               March 2020: 2.16%, March 2021: 1.06%

               April 2020: 6.75%, April 2021: 0.91%


    Ms Hawdon noted that the RFH is vaccinating people and has a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Childhood Inoculation and Birth Registration pdf icon PDF 584 KB

    (To follow)

    Consultant in Public Health, LBB


    The Chairman invited the following to the table:


               Dr Janet Djomba, Consultant in Public Health, London Borough of Barnet

               Bhavita Vishram, Public Health Strategist, London Borough of Barnet


    Dr Djomba presented her report and slides. She reported that the pandemic had taken its toll on childhood immunisation and Public Health England (PHE) had begun to analyse this. The report contained data from April 2020 to early 2021 which showed a decrease in the uptake of immunisations during the period of Covid-19 restrictions. Fewer children than usual had completed the full course of the 6 in 1 vaccine and all of the MMR vaccine during this time nationally, and also in Barnet.


    Dr Djomba reported that the children aged two years who had completed their vaccination programme had increased by 2% and for those aged five years the increase was 2.2%. This was in line with national figures. Within parts of Barnet, these figures were significantly lower as detailed on the slides. Burnt Oak, Colindale and areas of Hendon showed patterns of lower uptake in both the two-year-olds’ and five-year-olds’ vaccination programmes. The difference in uptake between Primary Care Networks (PCNs) is aligned with overall vaccine hesitancy for both Covid-19 and ‘flu.


    Dr Djomba reported that lower vaccine uptake goes along with poorer health in general, probably because it indicates a tendency towards poorer health-related behaviours, including getting vaccinated. She mentioned that Barnet needs to concentrate on the western corridor of the Borough and areas of deprivation. It may be that some residents don’t have the opportunity to access information about vaccination so this needs to be addressed. Dr Djomba noted that the strong connections between the Local Authority, PCNs and CCG colleagues, built during the pandemic, are a really good starting point.


    Dr Djomba reported a continued delay in birth registrations, with an ongoing backlog. The Registry Office and the Childhood Commissioner have stated that there are alternative pathways in place that prevent new-borns from being missed. GPs and


    health visitors get data on new-borns from hospital maternity units and this process had not been disrupted by the pandemic. Dr Djomba noted that birth registration is still important, however, there is a possibility that welfare benefits will become linked to birth registration. The Registry Office is also starting to proactively encourage registration and information is being sought from hospitals. Parents are also instructed to contact their hospital if a child is born outside of a hospital, so that health visitors can provide support.


    Dr Djomba reported that an updated action plan would follow when more data is available. She added that she is working closely with a range of partners from within the Council, in particular with early years providers, commissioners, the CCG and CLCH, who are all taking part in the Action Plan. A working group has also been established to look at the information which is available so far. The Action Plan would be updated by the summer of 2021 and Dr Djomba would provide  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9.


NHS Trust Quality Accounts 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 620 KB

    ·       Appendix 1a – Minute extract and mid-year QA, Royal Free London (RFL) NHS Foundation Trust

    ·       Appendix 1b – RFL NHS Foundation Trust Draft QA 2020/21


    ·       Appendix 2a – Minute extract and mid-year QA, Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) NHS Trust

    ·       Appendix 2b – CLCH Draft QA 2020/21


    ·       Appendix 3a – Minute extract and mid-year QA, North London Hospice

    ·       Appendix 3b – North London Hospice Draft QA 2020/21


    Additional documents:


    RFL London NHS Foundation Trust Quality Account


    The Committee noted the Mid-Year Quality Account 2020/21 and the Quality Account 2020/21.


    The Chairman invited the following to the table:


               Dr Jane Hawdon, Consultant Neonatologist, Medical Director and Responsible Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust


               Dr Mike Greenberg, Medical Director, Barnet Hospital


    The Committee wished to put on record its thanks to all staff, across the Trust, who had gone above and beyond and coped incredibly well during the pandemic and also having to try to facilitate ‘virtual’ visits in place of families and carers being able to visit ‘in person’.


    The Committee put on record the following comments on the Draft Quality Account:


    The Committee would like to congratulate and compliment the Trust on the following:

               that staff across all departments have coped to the best of their abilities in very difficult circumstances over the past year.


               that the Trust was at the forefront of Covid 19 related research and had also hosted the world-first ‘human challenge trials’ aimed at understanding infection transmission.


               that the triaging or research streams was impressive.


               their participation in rolling out various vaccination centres most efficiently including the StoneX Centre.


               that the Trust’s REST (Resilience and Emotional Support Team) hub provided psychological support to airline flight crews after stressful shifts: Project Wingman.


               that the health and wellbeing of staff is vitally important as it also has an impact on patient care. The Committee is pleased to see that ‘Joy in Work’ remains a priority.


               that one of the four delivery priorities is to reduce the number of patients who are waiting a long time to be seen, and that the Trust recognises the tenacity that achieving this will require from staff.


               that digital infrastructure and solutions are in place to improve patient and staff experience as their third priority.


               its Research and Development Team having its first Covid 19 research study approved and its participation in the world’s largest Covid 19 treatment trial which is estimated to have saved over one million lives globally


               for developing a ‘proning board’ which reduces the number of staff necessary to turn patients over to help with better ventilation, especially those in Intensive Care Unit with Covid 19.


               the excellent and informative TV documentary on the care it has given since the pandemic. This included details of the delicate work of recruiting patients onto studies for treatments for Covid-19.


               Its bereavement work especially where staff had listened to families, looked at processes and improved them.


               the use of artwork to design a bereavement card.


               the work of the property team in trying to make sure that all patients property was safe and secure.


               instigating training to help staff examine the root causes of episodes of violence and aggression perpetrated by people with dementia or delirium, particularly against staff.


               their achievement of 22 places in the national scoreboard for the National  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Health Overview and Scrutiny Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 171 KB


    The Chairman notedthefollowing additionto the ForwardWorkProgramme:


    ·         Childhood inoculation andBirthregistration12October 2021


    RESOLVED thatthe Committee noted the Forward Work Programme.


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