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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 74 KB


    The Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Councillor Caroline Stock welcomed all attendees, including Dr Nikesh Dattani to the membership of the Board and opened the meeting. She thanked Ms Bina Omare, Chief Executive Officer, Colindale Communities Trust for hosting this meeting of the HWBB.



Absence of Members


    Apologies for absence were received from Dr Clare Stephens, Kay Matthews and Selina Rodrigues who were substituted by Colette Wood (Barnet CCG) and Julie Pal (Healthwatch) respectively.



Declaration of Members' Interests


    Chair of Barnet CCG and Vice-Chair of the HWBB, Dr Charlotte Benjamin made a joint declaration on behalf of Barnet CCG Board members, Dr Clare Stephens, Dr Nikesh Dattani and herself, in relation to agenda items 8 and 11 by virtue of potential impact of the STP through their respective GP practices.



Public Questions and Comments (if Any)


    None were received.


Report of the Monitoring Officer (if Any)




Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 204 KB


    The Chairman and Lead Officer, Dr Tamara Djuretic noted the items listed on the Forward Work Programme for 2019 and welcomed suggestions from the Board.


    The Board requested that the following themes and items be considered at future meetings of the HWBB:


    -        Deep Dive on Primary Care provision across the borough

    -        Appointment availability and access for patients

    -        Improve access to health care services for people with learning disabilities (with attendance from service users as guest speakers)


    It was RESOLVED that the Board noted the items on the Forward Work Programme for 2019-2020 including the suggestions made at this meeting.



Update report on the Inspection of Local Authority Children's Social Care Services pdf icon PDF 307 KB

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    The Chairman welcomed the report and Chris Munday, Executive Director for Children and Young People presented the item.


    The Board noted that following Ofsted’s inadequate rating in 2017, the Council worked collectively with the partnership to drive the improvements needed. Subsequently, the Board agreed to receive the Children’s Services Improvement Report at each meeting to support the improvement work. Following the Inspection of Local Authority Children’s Services in May this year, OFSTED judged Barnet to be GOOD across the four inspection domains:


    ·        The impact of leaders on social work practice with children and families

    ·        The experiences and progress of children who need help and protection

    ·        The experience and progress of children in care and care leavers

    ·        Overall effectiveness


    The Chairman thanked Mr Munday and all staff across Family Services and the partnership on behalf of the Board for all their work, leadership, perseverance and dedication to achieve such a great outcome for children and young people in Barnet. Cllr Cornelius extended his thanks for all the work that has gone into improving the services over the last two years.


    The Board also commended the improvements made, in relation to the referral mechanisms and safeguarding arrangements.


    It was RESOLVED:


    1.      That the Board considered and noted the inspection findings as set out within Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.

    2.      That the Board noted that the report has been referred by the Children, Education and Safeguarding Committee on 1 July 2019 for consideration by Full Council on 30 July 2019.




Update on NHS Long-term Plan and its implications on local health and social care pdf icon PDF 204 KB


    Executive Director for Adults and Health, Dawn Wakeling presented and summarised the report. Ms Wakeling spoke about the development of the Plan being led by partners and working collectively towards a whole system approach. Given the Board’s role towards developing health and social care integration, Ms Wakeling noted the importance of receiving regular updates on the development of the long-term Plan.


    Dr Benjamin welcomed the report and the Plan towards a good effective system which works on a local based level and building on the foundations of previously delivered work.


    Dr Djuretic noted that a key focus for the Health and Wellbeing Board is to provide the whole system leadership in setting out high level outcomes. The following 5 outcomes have recently been proposed and following comments from Mr Munday were updated accordingly at the meeting:


    a)      Increasing healthy Life expectancy and improving lifestyle behaviours;

    b)      Focus on wider determinants of health such as employment, education, wellbeing, early years and housing and their relationship on health;

    c)      Strengthen community resilience and improve self-care;

    d)      Improve access to and quality of health and care;

    e)      Develop workforce fit for future 


    The Chairman and Lead Officer suggested that a private workshop session be held for Board Members in October to discuss the development of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the Board’s local role in respect of the Integrated Care Partnership. Once confirmed, the date for the workshop session will be circulated to Board Members. (Action: Governance Service)


    Dr Benjamin and Julie Pal  noted the need for support services for those with learning difficulties towards interpretation of medical letters, appointments and other medical services. Dr Dattani noted the need to also focus on children and young people with learning difficulties who may need support in different areas. A request was made for a report to be included on the Forward Work Programme.


    Councillor Sachin Rajput noted the importance of equitable NHS funding across the North Central London and in relation to local NHS services. Dr Benjamin welcomed the comment and noted the importance of effective financial assurance across both LBB and CCG.


    Ms Wakeling spoke about adult social care funding which comparative with other boroughs is the least per head – in addition, the Borough has the highest number of residential homes for over 65s in London. She noted that the comparative profile for Barnet should also be taken into account when considering future funding across the system.


    It was RESOLVED that the Board noted and commented on the content of the report as above.



Barnet Annual Director of Public Health Report 2017: An Update on the Implementation of Recommendations pdf icon PDF 130 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the item and noted that last year’s Annual Public Health Report focused on the Build Environment and given that the theme for this meeting is growth and health, this report provides an update on the progress made.


    She welcomed Rachel Wells, Consultant in Public Health who presented the report. Ms Wells spoke about the review undertaken and the impact of planning and regeneration in the borough.


    Following discussion, the Board requested that the following amendments be included in the Appendix: (Action PH)

    -        Reference to the opening of the Unitas youth zone facility as a significant development

    -        Accessible childcare provision

    -        Importance of investment in infrastructure for people with disabilities

    -        Dementia support services and leisure centres


    The Board agreed for the report and Appendix to be circulated to relevant service areas and Members of relevant Theme Committees. (Action)


    It was RESOLVED


    1.     That the Health and Wellbeing Board considered the implementation of recommendations outlined in the Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2017: The Built Environment and Health and supports continued work to improve Barnet's built environment.


    2.     That the Health and Wellbeing Board considered sharing the 2017 Annual Director of Public Health (ADPH) recommendations progress report with other relevant theme committees to increase awareness of the impacts of planning and development on health across the Council.



Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-2024 Development pdf icon PDF 121 KB

    Additional documents:


    Dr Djuretic presented the report and spoke about the proposal for the development process and timeline of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The Board noted that an agenda item will be brought to a future meeting for in-depth discussion on the proposed Strategy.


    A timeline has been proposed as set out in the report to bring the Strategy in line with the Council’s Corporate Plan which will including a consultation period.


    The Board welcomed the proposal and encouraged the promotion of the consultation and development of the Strategy, including via various workshops such as boards, Healthwatch focus groups, Inclusion Barnet and the voluntary sector. 


    It was RESOLVED:


    1.     That the Health and Wellbeing Board reviewed and agreed the JHWS development process, including the delegation of responsibility to sign off the draft JHWS to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board, prior to the public consultation.


    2.     That the Health and Wellbeing Board supports the JHWS development process.



Regeneration Deep Dive Report pdf icon PDF 163 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the item which formed the deep dive theme for this meeting on growth, health and wellbeing which links to one of the refreshed HWB Board priorities – creating Healthy Environment. 


    Given the evidence on the positive impact of healthy placemaking on people, she noted the importance of creating places that deliver healthier lives, prevent avoidable diseases and contribute to the overall economic wellbeing.


    The Board received four presentations on different components of the healthy placemaking process, ambitions, aspirations and outcomes.


    The Chairman invited Cath Shaw, Deputy Chief Executive, Stephen McDonald, Director of Growth and Rachel Wells, Consultant in Public Health who summarised their presentations as set out in the report.


    Ms Shaw spoke about the development of the Local Plan and the consultation timeline. The Board also heard about the Health Impact Assessment and the both emerging positive and negative impacts of growth on health and wellbeing. The Board is encouraged to submit its comments which will then form part of the collective formal response to the consultation.


    The Board noted that further emphasis should be made in the Growth Strategy towards improving health and wellbeing for children and young people.


    Mr Munday briefed the Board about the development and opening of the Unitas Youth Zone facility in Barnet in June this year and noted that over 2,300 young people have signed up for activities.


    Councillor Richard Cornelius welcomed the presentations and highlighted the importance of joined-up working and lobbying for adequate health care provision in Barnet to meet the health needs of the population. Ms Wakeling spoke about the increase in demand for services, access to services and workforce as a result of population growth.


    Colette Wood also welcomed the comment and noted the opportunity for effective partnership working to deliver integrated health and social care services and adequate future planning, including secondary care.


    Ms Bina Omare, Chief Executive of Colindale Communities Trust delivered a presentation and spoke about the community engagement work and its main findings, from a local community perspective.


    Mr Munday welcomed the presentation and spoke about the work delivered around KOOTH online counselling services for young people. The Chairman highlighted the importance of resident engagement in regeneration programmes to shape and develop local places in the way that will best suit local needs.


    The Chairman noted that one of the main recommendations from Health Impact Assessment of Growth Strategy was to ensure free play areas for children and young people are built into the new environment, wherever possible. She invited Argent, who submitted a presentation on developing Brent Cross area and initial proposals on Project Play. The Board heard about the work with UNICEF towards developing child friendly communities.


    The Board welcomed the presentation and noted the following (Action):

    -        the need to co-design effectively at the beginning stage to ensure that it is fit for purpose

    -        to ensure effective communication and engagement with residents as well as Local Authority services

    -        to join-up work with other developments being  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Any Items the Chairman decides are urgent


    The Chairman drew the Board’s attention to the following:

    -        In line with today’s theme, six Healthy Heritage Walks open to adults as well as children and young people, have been organised by Public Health, starting on 27 July

    -        Successful trailblazer bid for funding towards Mental Health preventative services for children and young people

    -        LB Barnet awarded the 2019 Borough Tree award, with plans to plant 900 trees per annum for the next five years


    She thanked the Board Members for their contributions and closed the meeting.