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Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 123 KB


    The Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB), Councillor Caroline Stock opened the meeting with a statement and welcomed the opportunity to build on the continued collaborative partnership working.


    She thanked former Councillor Helena Hart, who chaired the Health and Wellbeing Board from its inception, for all her hard work over many years. The health of the residents of the Borough was always one of her greatest passions and through this board she led many successful campaigns including the Shisha communications and Dementia campaign.


    The Chairman also thanked Dawn Wakeling, Strategic Director for Adults, Communities and Health for all her input as the Lead Officer for the HWBB and valuable advice to the Board over the years.


    Dr Tamara Djuretic introduced herself and informed the Board about her role as Director of Public Health (DPH) for Barnet and new Lead Officer for the Board.


    In respect of the minutes of the previous meeting, Dr Djuretic addressed a set of actions related to cancer screening and explained that further partnership with NHS England and other relevant parties such as GPs, will take place in early September with the aim to produce a cancer screening improvement plan. The Plan will be overseen by the CCG and chaired by the Cancer Screening Action Group. It was also noted that the action on p.10 of the agenda will be completed once the information on waiting times is received. In turn, this will be circulated to the Chairman and the Board. All other actions set out in the previous minutes have been taken forward.



Absence of Members


    Apologies received from:


    ·         Ceri Jacob who has now left the role and will be substituted by Jo Ohlson (NHS England) at future Board meetings

    ·         Fiona Bateman, Chair of Barnet Safeguarding Adults Board


Declaration of Members' Interests




Report of the Monitoring Officer (if any)




Public Questions and Comments (if any)


    None were received.


Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Review 2015-2020 and Next Steps pdf icon PDF 104 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the first substantive item on the agenda.


    The Board received a presentation from Dr Tamara Djuretic, Director for Public Health on the achievements, challenges, next steps and future aims of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


    Under Objective 1 of the Strategy, Improving outcomes for babies, young children and their families – the Board noted the challenges around childhood vaccination coverage. Selina Rodrigues, Head of Healthwatch spoke about the need to emphasise the reasons for vaccination as a result of feedback from families, in order to help increase coverage.


    The Board considered the proposed priorities and business as usual aims on p.55 of the Agenda.


    In relation to immunisation, Dr Djuretic informed the Board about the multi-facetted partnership approach to engage with specific communities to form a clearer picture and improve immunisation uptake.


    Dawn Wakeling, Strategic Director for Adults, Communities and Health informed the Board about the outreach work undertaken by Communities Together Network on the issues that are preventing immunisation uptake and the actions that can be taken to address these issues.


    Dr Clare Stephens, Barnet CCG suggested that schools can be used as a practical place and platform for parent participation to help improve immunisation uptake.


    The Board noted the launch of the oral health campaign for conception and one year olds. Ms Rodrigues stated that feedback has shown a lack of understanding among parents on the appointment process, costs of dental care appointments and oral health services for children.


    The Strategic Director for Children and Young People, Chris Munday highlighted the importance of continuing to improve outcomes for children and young people, including Looked After Children and Children In Need.


    Board Members noted the ongoing work of the BOOST programme to support people looking for work to improve their health and wellbeing and help shape the offer from Job Centre Plus.


    Ms Wakeling informed the Board about ‘Joining Old and Young’, an intergenerational initiative which presents a great opportunity for collaborative partnership working to tackle social isolation and bring people together. The Board agreed to hold a focused discussion on social isolation at a future meeting. (Action: Forward Work Programme)


    The Chair of the Barnet Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, Andrew Fraser noted that going forward, a continuous focus is needed in respect of the items listed under business as usual on p.55.



    The Board agreed the priorities of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy as follows, with changes in bold: 




    Mental health and wellbeing - Lifecourse approach

    Healthy Weight - Health in All Policies Approach

    Health and Care Integration – Place based approach (tackling unhealthy behaviour and embedding prevention in CHINs)

    Improving Children’s outcomes


    Areas for Continued Improvements:


    – Immunisation and Screening

    – Sexual Health

    – Tuberculosis

    – Tobacco control


    The Chairman thanked the Board for the discussion. Dr Djuretic noted further discussion will be held based on the agreements of the Board at the Joint Commissioning Executive Group meetings and updates will be reported back to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Whole system approach to Healthy Weight pdf icon PDF 90 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman introduced the report and invited Rachel Wells, Consultant in Public Health and Rachel Hodge, Public Health Strategist to join the meeting.


    The Board received a presentation from Rachel Hodge on the Whole Systems Approach to Healthy Weight, the workstreams and the project plan going forward.


    Following a comment from the Board about encouraging healthy eating, Ms Wells spoke about the multi-layered approach involving partners, pupils and schools to explore opportunities and build upon the Whole Systems Approach to Healthy Weight.


    Work on hot food takeaways was noted by the Board and Dr Debbie Frost asked about local evidence to support this work. Ms Wells noted that a survey has been conducted among year 11 students - the results of which will be fed into the development of the Local Plan.


    Dr Djuretic briefed the Board about the Healthier High Street initiative and noted the importance of informing people about healthy eating and weight management. Ms Wells welcomed the comments from the Board and noted that further work across the partnership is needed to consider what measures can be taken to tackle current issues.


    It was RESOLVED:


    1.    That the Health and Wellbeing Board noted and discussed as above the Healthy Weight Strategy and agreed proposed workstream and a whole systems approach when developing an action plan. The Board requested that officers across the partnership support implementation of the workstreams.

    2.    That the Health and Wellbeing Board receives regular updates on the progress of development and implementation of the action plan.



Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 198 KB


    The Board noted the standing item on the agenda which lists the business of the HWBB for 2018-2019. It was agreed to hold the next Board meeting scheduled for September as an informal session.


    It was agreed that all future reports to the Board would include a section setting out the Corporate Parenting implications. (Action: Governance).


    RESOLVED that the Board noted the Forward Work Programme.



Update report on progress of Barnet Children's Services Improvement Action Plan pdf icon PDF 575 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Chairman invited Chris Munday to present the item.


    Mr Munday noted the report which was reported to the Children, Education & Safeguarding Committee and includes details of the third Ofsted monitoring visit.


    He informed the Board about the preparation for the fourth Ofsted monitoring visit which will focus on Children in Care. It was agreed that the Board would discuss the approach towards the CQC health inspection report in September. (Action)


    It was RESOLVED:


    1.    That the Committee note the progress of the Barnet Children's Services Improvement Action Plan as set out in paragraphs 1.4 to 1.56.

    2.    That the Committee note details of Ofsted’s monitoring visit set out in paragraphs 1.11 to 1.20 and the monitoring visit feedback letter received from Ofsted attached in Appendix 1.

    3.    That the Committee note and scrutinise the performance information provided in Appendix 2.



Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) Report pdf icon PDF 88 KB


    The Board noted the contents of the report and it was RESOLVED:


    1.    That the Health and Wellbeing Board noted that the final PNA document was published in May 2018.

    2.    The Health and Wellbeing Board noted that future amendments and supplementary statements to the PNA will need to be signed off by the Board.


Minutes of the Care Closer to Home Programme Board and Joint Commissioning Executive Group pdf icon PDF 241 KB


    The Chairman introduced the final report on the agenda which setsout the minutes of the meetings of the Joint Commissioning Executive Group and Care Closer to Home programme board.




    That the Health and Wellbeing Board approved the minutes of the Care Closer to Home Programme Board meetings of 15 February 2018, 22 March 2018 and 3 May 2018; and the Joint Commissioning Executive Group meeting of 16 January 2018 and 27 February 2018.





Any Items the Chairman decides are urgent