Agenda and draft minutes

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Note No. Item


Apologies for absence


    Apologies for absence had been receive from Councillor Ross Houston, Councillor Linda Freedman and Councillor Jess Brayne.


    Apologies for lateness had been received from Councillor Mark shooter, CouncilloClaire Farrier and Councillor Charlie O-Macauley.


Elect a Member to preside if the Mayor is absent




Declarations of Interest


    Councillor Arjun Mittra declared a non-pecuniary interest in relation to agenda item 14.1 (Opposition Motion in the name of Cllr Alan Schneiderman – Climate Change Emergency) by virtue of being an employee of the Great London Authority.


    Councillor Alison Moore declared a non-pecuniary interest in relation to agenda 11.2 (Referral from the Audit Committee – Annual Report of the Audit Committee 2018/19) by virtue of being a Governor of Squires Lane Learning Federation.


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 118 KB


Official announcements


    The Worshipful the Mayor was delighted to announce that Councillor Jess Brayne and her husband Barnie had welcomed a baby boy Sam, on Sunday 21st July, weighing 8lb 14oz.


    The Worshipful the Mayor also asked Council to note that Councillor Ross Houston had been recovering at home following surgery last week to repair a broken shoulder. He wanted to thank members from both Groups for their kind messages.


    The Worshipful the Mayor noted that the Representative Deputy Lieutenant, Mr Martin Russell, had advised that the Lord-Lieutenant had commissioned Mr Geoffrey Thompson as a Deputy Lieutenant. This appointment was as an additional Deputy Lieutenant for Barnet, and did not alter the continuing role of Mr Martin Russell as the Lord-Lieutenant’s Representative.  Mr Russell wished to remain the point of contact for all matters as usual.


    The Worshipful the Mayor was delighted to announce that on Saturday 27th July the Healthy Heritage Walk had been successfully launched at the Town Hall.  The walks encouraged more people to walk and learn about the Borough.


Any business remaining from last meeting


Questions to the Leader (and Committee Chairmen if he/she has delegated) pdf icon PDF 247 KB


Petitions for Debate


Reports from the Leader


Reports from Committees


Referral from the Constitution & General Purposes Committee - Public Participation pdf icon PDF 152 KB


Referral from the Audit Committee - Annual Report of the Audit Committee 2018 - 19 pdf icon PDF 149 KB


Referral from the Children, Education and Safeguarding Committee - Update report on the Inspection of Local Authority Children's Social Care Services pdf icon PDF 149 KB


Referral from the Children, Education and Safeguarding Committee - Delegation of Functions to LB Islington - Regional Adoption Agency pdf icon PDF 144 KB


Referral from the Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee - Upper and Lower Fosters pdf icon PDF 145 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Mayor invited members to indicate whether they had any questions regarding the information contained in the exempt report, which would require the Committee to go into private session. There were none.


    Councillor Richard Cornelius, Chairman of the Assets, Regeneration & Growth Committee, then moved reception and adoption of the recommendations in the report. Debate ensued.


    On the recommendations in the report being put to the vote the recommendations were unanimously agreed.


    RESOLVED that Council approve the capital budget required to progress the Upper and Lower Fosters scheme to RIBA stage 4a.

7.45pm - 9.30pm


Reports of Officers


Report of the Head of Governance pdf icon PDF 149 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Head of Governance introduced the report. 


    Appendix A detailed vacancies to Outside Bodies which had arisen. Appendix B detailed changes to the calendar of meetings.  Appendix C detailed changes to membership of committees.


    The Head of Governance asked Council to note that the London Youth Games Board of Trustees had been in contact to advise that Barnet representatives were no longer required.  These nominations were therefore withdrawn. 


    Council also noted a correction of to the membership of the Children, Education & Safeguarding Committee under Appendix C.  Councillor Nizza Fluss was no longer required to be appointed to the Committee as set out in Appendix C and that the Conservative Group had indicated that Councillor Felix Byers would remain on the Children, Education & Safeguarding Committee.


    The Worshipful the Mayor moved to the vote on the three nominations received for the vacancies on the Arts Deport Trust Ltd, Hampstead Heath Management Committee and the Nicoll and Daniel Homes Charity as set out in Appendix A. 


    Votes were recorded as followed:


    In favour of the Conservative Nominations


    In favour of the Labour Nominations







    RESOLVED that:


    1.    Council appoint:


    a)    Councillor David Longstaff to the vacancy on the Arts Depot Trust Ltd.

    b)   Councillor Richard Cornelius to the vacancy on the Hampstead Heath Management Committee; and

    c)    Mr William Nicholson to the vacancy on the Nicoll and Daniel Homes Charity


    2.    Council note the changes to the Calendar of Meetings as set out in Appendix B.


    3.    Council approve the change of membership on the Adults and Safeguarding Committee as set out in Appendix C.


Questions to Council Representatives on Outside Bodies


Motions (45 minutes)


Opposition Motion from Cllr Alan Schneiderman - Climate Emergency Motion pdf icon PDF 38 KB

    Additional documents:


    Councillor Alan Schneiderman moved the motion in his name.  Councillor Dean Cohen moved the amendment in his name.  Councillor Anne Clarke moved the amendment in her name.  Debate ensued.


    The amendment in the name of Councillor Dean Cohen was put to the vote. 


    Votes were recorded as follows:











    The amendment in the name of Councillor Dean Cohen was declared CARRIED.


    The amendment in the name of Councillor Anne Clarke was put to the vote.  Votes were recorded as follows:


    Votes were recorded as follows:











    The motion in the name of Councillor Anne Clarke was declared LOST.


    The substantive motion as amended by Councillor Dean Cohen was put to the vote. 


    Votes were recorded as follows:











    RESOLVED that:


    Council recognises:


    1.    That Barnet Council has committed itself to a multifaceted approach to improving environment factors around the borough. This includes, but is not limited to, the Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2022 and planting 4500 new trees over the next five years.


    2.    That through carbon offsetting and ensuring improvements to air quality through means such as divesting responsibly from high pollutants in the borough, Barnet Council can create efficiencies that create savings as well as improving public health.


    3.    That Parliament has agreed a motion declaring an environment and climate emergency.


    Council notes:


    1.    That the same environmental challenges that are faced by the UK are also faced in Barnet.


    2.    Over 60 councils have passed ‘climate emergency’ motions since the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on Global Warming of 1.5°C was published in October 2018. This report describes the major environmental harms that a 2°C rise in world temperature is likely to cause and urges that governments and related authorities world-wide seek to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C.


    3.    That the IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C argues that limiting Global temperature rises to 1.5°C may still be possible with ambitious action from national Governments AND local Government working in collaboration with partner agencies, organisations, groups and local communities.


    4.    That Barnet’s commitment to remain a green and pleasant borough goes hand-in-hand with the Council’s commitment to fighting climate change and pollution. Barnet remains the borough with the sixth most green space, and has invested in a strategy to ensure that it remains both literally and figuratively a green borough.


    5.    That Barnet’s tree planting initiatives have won awards.


    6.    That the Ultra Low Emission Zone uses the North Circular as its outermost border, excluding much of the borough. This includes West Hendon, the ward already most severely affected by NO2 emissions.


    7.    That Barnet Council continues to take action to reduce emissions, such as through:

    a.    The commitment to have installed 116 electric car charging points within the near future, with 44 already installed.

    b.    Supporting the launch of the Drive Now floating car club in Barnet. This scheme makes  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.1


Administration Motion in the Name of Cllr Daniel Thomas - Customer Service: Building a Service Fit for the Future, for all Barnet Residents pdf icon PDF 48 KB


    Councillor Daniel Thomas moved the motion in his name. Debate ensued.


    The motion was put to the vote and unanimously AGREED


    RESOLVED that:


    Council recognises that:

    1.    The Council should acknowledge and respond in a timely manner when a resident takes the time to ask for assistance or report a problem.


    2.    Improvements to customer service must be dynamic. As technology and the way that people interact with the Council changes, the Council must adapt to their requirements.


    3.    Barnet residents rightly have high expectations of the Council, and the Council must be prepared to both meet and exceed these.


    Council notes that:


    1.    The Leader of the Council has pledged to make improving customer service a major priority.


    2.    Since 2015, there has been an increase in customer satisfaction of 9% in the Council’s contact centre.


    3.    A high proportion of Barnet’s residents are able and prefer to use online self-service, carrying out transactions at their own convenience. The Council has made investments to online services in the past two years that have delivered:

    a.    A new website, which has increased visits by 17%

    b.    A web content quality score of 95%, over 10% more than the national average

    c.    The introduction of a digital ‘My Account’, to which over 56,000 households have already signed up.


    4.    Some residents prefer to use telephone services, and so these must receive continued investment in order to maintain and build on high rates of satisfaction:

    a.    Over the 2018 financial year, 72% of all calls were answered within 60 seconds

    b.    Telephone customer satisfaction currently exceeds 90%


    5.    There is more work to do. Councillors regularly receive complaints where residents have engaged with the Council and have not received an adequate response.


    Council strives to:


    1.    Create a full programme of improvements with £1,000,000 of investment before the end of 2019, to be reported to Policy and Resources Committee for consideration and approval.


    2.    Request a longer-term improvement plan for customer service to be brought to Policy and Resources Committee for consideration and approval.


Join Motion in the names of Cllr Daniel Thomas and Cllr Barry Rawlings - Defining Islamophobia in Barnet pdf icon PDF 36 KB


    The joint motion in the name of Councillor Daniel Thomas and Councillor Barry Rawlings was put to the vote. The motion was unanimously AGREED.


    Council recognises:


    1.    No form of racial or religious hatred has any place in the London Borough of Barnet.


    2.    According to the 2011 census, over 36,000 Muslims live in Barnet, making up over 8% of the borough’s population.


    3.    Muslim communities in Barnet are members of traditions from around the globe, including but not limited to Albania, Iran, Pakistan and Somalia


    4.    Any definition of Islamophobia should be written by Muslims.


    Council notes:


    1.    It is vital that a definition of Islamophobia recognises Islamic communities as different groups bound by similar religious beliefs rather than a homogenous group.


    2.    The Islamic Forum of Barnet is composed of leaders from across Islamic communities in Barnet.


    Requests that the Council:


    1.    Works with the Islamic Forum of Barnet in order to formulate a definition of Islamophobia.


Motions for Adjournment