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Chipping Barnet Residents' Forum Issues List January 2020 pdf icon PDF 442 KB


    Decisions of the Chipping Barnet Residents Forum

    Chipping Barnet Library, 8 January 2020


    Members and Officers Present: - Councillor Lisa Rutter (Chairman), Councillor Felix Byers (Vice-Chairman); Jamie Cooke - Interim Street Scene Director; Dane McKnight - Member Liaison Officer; Naomi Kwasa - Governance Officer




    The Chairman introduced herself and the Officers present and welcomed everyone to the meeting.



    1.     Title: To Install CCTV at Mount Parade, EN4

    Lead Petitioner: Thurailingam Pavanakumar

    Ward: East Barnet

    Number of signatures: 44


    The petition was introduced by the Lead Petitioner and was discussed with the Panel. The Chairman noted that Officers have suggested a CCTV camera would be appropriate to tackle the problem the residents are facing. It was therefore resolved that;


    The Chairman referred the petition to the Chipping Barnet Area Committee to consider installing a CCTV camera at Mount Parade.



    2.     Title: Traffic Safety Petition: Hadley, Clifford and Woodford Road.

    Lead Petitioner: Dan Hamilton

    Ward: High Barnet

    Number of signatures: 134


    The petition was introduced by Paul Clark who provided additional evidence to the panel highlighting the need for traffic calming measures. The Lead Petitioner Dan Hamilton was also present. The petition was discussed with the Panel, Ward Councillors and other residents. Jamie Cooke discussed the potential costs of different options and it was agreed that perhaps the Area Committee could fund some cheaper traffic calming measures whilst the specified roads went through the LIP funding prioritisation process. It was also agreed that Ward Councillors, residents and Officers would liaise together to ensure the process didn’t stall. It was therefore resolved that;


    The Chairman referred the petition to the Chipping Barnet Area Committee to consider a feasibility study on traffic calming measures on Hadley, Clifford and Woodford Roads. 


    3.     Title: Barnet Hospital Controlled Parking Zone

    Lead Petitioner: Owen Jones

    Ward: Underhill

    Number of signatures: 70


    The Lead Petitioner introduced the petition and thanked Councillors Paul Edwards and Tim Roberts for their work in ensuring the petition had a successful outcome. The issues surrounding the lack of on-site parking for hospital staff and the negative effect this is having on the surrounding roads and the residents who live in them were discussed at length with the panel, Ward Councillors and residents. Residents felt that the Council should do something to get the hospital to build and provide additional parking for their hospital staff. At this point Councillor Alison Cornelius informed residents that the previous Leader of the Council Councillor Richard Cornelius tried to negotiate with the Chief Executive of Barnet Hospital offering some funding for extra parking but the Chief Executive declined the offer. Councillors Edwards and Roberts also commented that they tried to discuss this problem with the Chief Executive of Barnet Hospital but without success. As Barnet Hospital is in close proximity to Underhill Ward and High Barnet Ward, the Chairman suggested that Councillors for both Wards should liaise together on this matter and work with residents. Councillor David Longstaff commented that he has been working hard on this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.