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Raise Awareness for Eating Disorders

We the undersigned petition the council to - Raise awareness for eating disorders - Strategise an early intervention plan - Ensure all sufferers waiting time is appropriate and does not compromise recovery - Ensure sufferers receive specialist treatment

Eating disorders are serious and complex mental health illness that affect approximately 1.25 million people in the UK. It is clear that delaying treatment damages recovery. There is currently no early intervention plan in place to ensure sufferers are able to seek specialist support once the signs and symptoms of an eating disorder are identified. Sufferers may not think their symptoms are serious or may be unaware of their illness and as such habits associated with eating disorders may persist and have lasting effects even after seeking treatment. It is said that sufferers may resist seeking help for years. According to ‘Beat’ once a sufferer is diagnosed with an eating disorder, it can take approximately 9 months before they receive the treatment they desperately need. Eating disorders are said to be the most common mental health condition affecting young people. As such, the Government have implemented an access and time target for children and adolescence within mental health services, yet there is an apparent lapse concerning accessibility and time targets for adults who can be as seriously affected as children. This is to say, adults need fast treatment too.

The emergence of a private eating disorder clinic on Warwick Road, Barnet is simply not enough. Contrary to popular beliefs eating disorders do not discriminate. Therefore, some individuals may not be able to afford private care. This treatment centre focuses on sufferers between the ages of 8-18 with Anorexia. Consequently, sufferers of all ages will not be able to receive treatment at this clinic because they do not have the specified eating disorder. Furthermore, adults with eating disorders are neglected and continue to endure the pain and torment of behaviours that are said to be consequences of underlying emotions. The fact that this clinic was opened last year, highlights that eating disorders are mental health issues that affect individuals within our community.

The Council can raise awareness about this serious public health issue by:
- Regularly publishing/sharing resources from ‘Beat’ in local health services, schools, gyms, newsletters and community noticeboards
- Support initiatives focused on eating disorders during World Mental Health Day
- Lead local initiatives concerning mental health - eating disorders
- Advocate on behalf of the community within council meetings
o introduce access and waiting time targets for adults needing treatment for eating disorders
o Ensure that people of all ages do not face unnecessary barriers to accessing eating disorder treatment
o Pledge the funding to enable all Clinical Commission Groups to be able to deliver fully on these promises

It is the primary function of the Council to represent its community and advocate on their behalf, to be aware of problems within the community and forge partnerships with local organisations or interest groups (i.e. Beat). Therefore, I urge the Council to support this petition by carrying out the aforementioned.

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