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East Finchley CPZ - split into two zones

We the undersigned petition the council to split the two parts of the East Finchley CPZ and allocate the streets in the all day part of the CPZ a code letter different to the current “M". The aim would be to restrict parking in the all day zone to people who live within this zone.

The Council have confirmed that parking permits are allocated for over 90% of the available bays in the all day 10:00 to 18:30 zone. Any spare spaces are currently occupied by residents who drive the short distance across East Finchley to park near the station. This greatly undermines the utility of the CPZ for residents who suffer the inconvenience and cost of all day parking restrictions. This practice also unnecessarily increases the volume of traffic using residential roads and causes increased pollution. No one in East Finchley CPZ is more than a few minutes walk from the station.

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