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Upper and Lower Fosters CPZ

We the undersigned petition the council to Extend the Controlled Parking Zone HC2 to cover the Upper and Lower Fosters Estate (New Brent Street, Foster Street, Foster Walk, North Street, Eaton Road) and to introduce parking controls to the small car park on Short Street/New Brent Street.

The Upper and Lower Fosters Estate is the only location in the area where on street parking is not controlled which means that it is targeted by commuters and people from outside the area, who park there for free. This means that estate residents cannot find places to park and are disadvantaged. It also leads to antisocial and dangerous parking and driving around the estate as people drive up and down the roads looking for places to park. The small car park off New Brent Street is completely uncontrolled and without properly marked out spaces, people park in dangerous and antisocial ways that block in cars and obstruct access to properties.

This ePetition ran from 25/07/2017 to 08/09/2017 and has now finished.

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