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Reject - C2017- BC000867-32 No Right Turn from Bishops to A1000

We the undersigned petition the council to Come up with a better plan to make crossing Bishops Avenue safer than by stopping right turn from Bishops Avenue on to A1000.

Barnet Council's proposal requesting consultation C2017- BC000867-32 will not make crossing Bishops Avenue any safer. On the contrary, the proposed change will make a residential street (Bancroft Avenue) unsafe to cross for children and noisier and polluted. Diverting traffic from a major street to a quiet residential street hardly qualifies as sound planning. We believe the proposed change to be a waste of taxpayer funds. We urge the council to propose more logical measures like:
- Convert Bishops Avenue to 20 mph zone with traffic camera/s
- Create zebra crossing on the section of Bishops Avenue between A1 and A1000
- Install traffic lights or create a roundabout at the intersection of Bishops Avenue and A1000

This ePetition ran from 16/07/2017 to 27/08/2017 and has now finished.

183 people signed this ePetition.