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Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
1686 - Moves to independent housing for people with learning disabilities ref: 421419/04/201219/04/2012Not for call-in
1676 - The review and re-grading of the Play Manager post ref: 413724/04/201224/04/2012Not for call-in
1669 - Award of Call off contract to Michael Page International Recruitment Ltd ref: 412320/04/201220/04/2012Not for call-in
1593 - Mobile Phone Solutions ref: 411930/04/201230/04/2012Not for call-in
1597 - Environment, Planning and Regeneration Procurement Measures Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) Supplies Contracts ref: 411730/04/201230/04/2012Not for call-in
1639 - Early Intervention and Prevention Services - Family Nurse Partnership ref: 411624/04/201224/04/2012Not for call-in
1643 - Tree Management Database, Ezytreev ref: 411530/04/201230/04/2012Not for call-in
1640 - Friern Barnet School - Quotation Acceptance for Rewiring Works Phase 1 (Public) ref: 411126/04/201226/04/2012Not for call-in
1646 - Connecting Places and People Project (Cricklewood Town Centre) - contract arrangements ref: 411030/04/201230/04/2012Not for call-in
1567 - Parent Partnership Caseworker Re-grading (Exempt) ref: 13224/04/201224/04/2012Not for call-in
1642 - Creation of Additional Posts to Progress Capital Works or Similar within Traffic and Development, Environment, Planning and Regeneration ref: 13525/04/201225/04/2012Not for call-in
1610 - Highway Crane Oversailing Licence ref: 13420/04/201220/04/2012Not for call-in
1649 - Award of Call Off Contract to Morgan Hunt Public Sector (Interim Head of Procurement) ref: 13323/04/201223/04/2012Not for call-in
1615 - Church End Controlled Parking Zone - East End Road ref: 12723/04/201223/04/2012Not for call-in
1601 - Environment, Planning and Regeneration Directorate Contracts ref: 13023/04/201223/04/2012Not for call-in
1614 - Church End Controlled Parking Zone - Proposed Increase in Hours of Control ref: 12523/04/201223/04/2012Not for call-in
1645 - Interim HR Management Structure to Support the Re-organisation of the Council Structure ref: 12317/04/201217/04/2012Not for call-in
1607 - Head of Exchequer (Exempt) ref: 12217/04/201217/04/2012Not for call-in
1619 - Pert Close Car Park, N10 - Proposed Disposal ref: 12026/03/201226/03/2012Not for call-in
1626 - Grants to Voluntary & Community Organisations, 2011/12 – Delegated Grants Report No. 13 ref: 11931/03/201231/03/2012Not for call-in
1617 - Extension of Occupational Health Service Contract ref: 11812/04/201212/04/2012Not for call-in
1623 - Waste and Greenspaces Managers Re-Grading (Exempt) ref: 11712/04/201212/04/2012Not for call-in
1628 - Contract Variation - Early Intervention and Prevention Services ref: 11630/03/201230/03/2012Not for call-in