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    The Assurance Director presented the Constitution Review report.


    The Membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board currently doesn’t include a Member of the Opposition.  Councillor Schneiderman requested if this can be reviewed in line with other local authorities whose membership consists both Administration and Opposition Members. The Assurance Director agreed to refer this to Monitoring Officer [ACTION]


    Councillor Barry Rawlings, duly seconded proposed that the approval of grants to the voluntary sector is done so in consultation with both the Chairman of CLLC and the Opposition Lead Member on the Committee should also be consulted. This was agreed.


    Following discussion and consideration of the report the Committee RESOLVED to:


    Recommend to Council that the Constitution be amended to incorporate the changes detailed in the report and in the amended versions the sections set out in Appendix A and B subject to the following amendment;


    1.         Article 7, Health and Wellbeing Board Membership, add the following;


    ·         “The Quorum should consist of at least one Councillor and one health representative”


                This is to ensure that both the Council and health sector are represented on the Board at all times.


    2.         That in approving the grants to the voluntary sector, the Section 151 officer consults both the Chairman and Opposition Lead Member of the Community, Libraries and Leadership Committee.




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Review of the Local Elections - 3 May 2018 pdf icon PDF 183 KB

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    The Head of Electoral Services introduced the report which provided the Committee with a review of the planning, implementation and delivery of the Local Government Elections held on 3 May 2018 for election of all 63 ward councillors within the London Borough of Barnet.  The report further identified the key lessons learnt and made recommendations to benefit future election projects.


    The Committee wished to  thank and congratulate the Elections Team and everyone who worked on the work elections on a well run election.  


    Following consideration of the report the Committee RESOLVED to:


    1.         To note the recommendations made in the Local Elections Review (Appendix A) from the elections held on 3 May 2018.


Local Government Boundary Commission - Electoral Review of the London Borough of Barnet Stage 2 - Warding Arrangements Supporting Information pdf icon PDF 171 KB

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    The Chief Executive presented the report which provided relevant information, data and evidence that might be useful and help support organisations and individuals intending to make a submission or representation to the LGBCE for review as part of the Stage 2 consultation. He explained that there wasn’t an Officer recommendation and that it was up to interested parties to make representations.


    The Head of Electoral Services drew the Committee’s attention the to the addendum, which was an amendment to Section 5. He explained that following an error picked up by a Barnet Councillor the Local Government Boundary Commission for England subsequently reported to the Council that they had made an error when they published Barnet’s forecast electorate for 2024. As a consequence Table 1 at 5.3 and to Map 2 at 5.6 in the report had to be amended and the revised Section 5 published.


    Following consideration of the report the Committee RESOLVED to:


    1.         To note the information included in this report which will be submitted to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, which is also available to all interested organisations or individuals submitting a proposal on warding arrangements. 


Member Development Programme 2018 - 2022 pdf icon PDF 218 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Assurance Director presented the report which provided an update on the (i) sessions that have so far taken place during 2018/19 to date, (ii) which Members have attended, and (iii) noted whether the sessions were mandatory, or optional.  Appendix B set out the list of sessions proposed to take place over the course of the 2018/19 Municipal Year. 


    With regards to the Written Briefings set out on pages 100 – 101, the Committee requested if they could be provided with dates as to when these will be provided [ACTION]


    The Chairman positively noted that the number Planning briefing sessions had not only increased to ensure all Planning Members have the opportunity to attend but now also included a session on Building Control.


    Following consideration of the report the Committee RESOLVED to:


    1.    To note the sessions delivered since the start of the new municipal year as set out in Appendix A and provided feedback on sessions delivered to date.

    2.   To note the schedule of proposed Member Development sessions as set out in Appendix B and comment accordingly


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