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Leisure Review Strategic Outline Business Case pdf icon PDF 96 KB


    Craig Cooper, the Director of Commercial Services, provided the committee with a briefing report that set out the impact of the delay in submitting to Cabinet resources Committee the Leisure Review Strategic Outline Business Case.


    Mr Cooper stated that the delay in finalising the Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) is not forecast to have an impact on the council’s ability to deliver the £967,000 budget reduction associated with the review of leisure provision as set out in the Medium Term Financial Strategy.


    Mr Cooper informed the Committee that he now expected the SOBC to be presented to Cabinet Resources Committee on the 27th September 2012.


    The Chairman requested that the SOBC be presented to the Committee for pre-decision scrutiny in mid-September.


    RESOLVED that –


    The Committee note the report.



Implementation and Enhancement of the Partnership Safer Communities Strategy pdf icon PDF 561 KB

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    Cllr David Longstaff, the Cabinet Member for Safety and Resident Engagement, and Julie Taylor, the Assistant Chief Executive, presented a report that outlined the case for supporting the implementation of the current Safer Communities Strategy and proposals for enhancing the Strategy.


    The Chairman stated that it was not clear from reading the report what the implications of the sharing of resources would be, and questioned if the report addressed the issue of fewer police officers.


    Julie Taylor responded that the report did not directly address the issue of reduced police numbers at the moment. She informed the Committee that the Strategy focused on stopping crime before it occurs with proposals that would involve the police investing in new activities focused on crime prevention. The Cabinet Member stated that he had received no indication that the Borough would be experiencing a drop in the number of officers.


    The Chairman stated that it was not evident from reading the report what the council’s lobbying strategy would be to ensure the continued provision of sufficient police constables within the Borough. The Chairman stated that the Committee wanted to see mention of the Council’s lobbying position in the Strategy in terms of numbers of police constables alongside details of how the Council would campaign on behalf of residents on this issue.


    In consideration of the use of CCTV as set out in the strategy the Committee questioned the use of CCTV in terms of traffic offences and whether consideration had been given to the public mood on this issue. The Committee also questioned whether there were budget resources available for proposed changes to CCTV provision. The Committee also questioned the value of the case studies included in the report in terms of their relevance to Barnet.


    In relation to the relevance of CCTV case studies within the report, the Cabinet Member stated that more examples from a Barnet perspective could be used.


    At this point John Hooton, the Assistant Director for Strategic Finance, came to the table to inform the Committee that an options appraisal would be taking place in terms of funding future CCTV provision and that funding was in place within in the Capital Programme for the current CCTV service.


    The Cabinet Member stated that in terms of relevant case studies more examples of how CCTV works could be provided from a Barnet perspective.


    In relation to alcohol related crime in the Borough the Chairman noted that the council was proposing to implement a borough wide Public Place Order and questioned whether consultation had taken place.


    The Cabinet Member stated consultations would be taking place and would be due to be completed in July with the matter being brought to Council, along with supporting evidence, in October.


    In relation to the New Deal with Residents and the integrated offender management aspect of the report the Committee commented on the importance of ensuring that individuals were not unfairly implicated in sanctions taken as a result of the actions of family members.


    The Cabinet  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Quarter 4 Corporate Finance and Performance 2011/12 pdf icon PDF 82 KB

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    Cllr Daniel Thomas, the Cabinet Member for Resources and Performances, John Hooton, the Assistant Director for Strategic Finance, and Tom Pike, Head of Performance, presented a report detailing Quarter Four Corporate Performance and Finance. Craig Cooper, the Director of Commercial services, and Pam Wharfe, Interim Director of Environment, Planning and Regeneration were also present to answer questions.


    Cllr Schneiderman was provided with written responses to questions submitted in advance of the meeting (These are set out below).


    Cllr Moore was provided with verbal responses to questions submitted in advance with outstanding responses in relation to Children’s services, Commercial Services and Health Scrutiny to be provided in due course.


    The Committee sought reassurance in relation to Corporate Risk – ORG0002 – Financial – and the possibility of future cuts to local government funding. In response John Hooton assured the Committee that the contracting model adopted by the council would incorporate appropriate levels of flexibility with price models based on numbers of uses and thus designed to reduce over time.


    Cllr Moore sought further clarification in relation to paragraph 9.3.2 Emerging or Escalating Challenges and homelessness acceptances. In response Pam Wharfe advised that the required information would be made available to Cllr Moore.


    Cllr Moore raised the issue of Corporate Risk ORG0011 – Compliance/Strategic – waste Management and Sustainability. The Committee noted that the situation would be clearer following the meeting of the NLWA that was due to take place on Friday 22 June.


    In relation to ORG0019 – Financial – Street Lighting PFI Contract the committee were advised that agreement had now been gained with all parties

    including Banks to proceed with the Energy Savings programme and this would have a positive impact on the sustainability of the contract.


    In response to Cllr Schneiderman’s question on parking charges Pam Wharfe advised the Council were currently reviewing parking charges across the borough. Pam Wharfe advised the Committee that parking income had increased and that this increased revenue was being used to fund Council expenditure across areas such as infrastructure and the Freedom Pass.


    RESOLVED that –


    The Committee note the Quarter 4 Corporate Performance and Finance report.











    Risk number


    Cabinet Member

    Allocated to


    ORG0006 – Procurement: failure to deliver value for money, uncommercial contracts, (report page 121)

    a) What is the current risk rating for procurement now that we are only two weeks away from the end of 2012-13 Q1?




    b)  Is all procurement now in line with European and domestic law?


    Cllr Thomas

    Craig Cooper/ Lesley Meeks

    a) An Internal Audit was carried out in April 2012 and there were six recommendations.  The overall finding was reported as Amber.  Recommendations have been acted upon and in a number of cases have been completed. We are on track to complete all actions within the agreed timescales, which is end July 2012.


    b) We can confirm that procurement is conducted in line  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Cabinet Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 87 KB

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    Cllr Richard Cornelius, the Leader of the Council, was present for discussion of the Cabinet forward Plan.


    Committee members commented that as the Cabinet Forward Plan only set out items to the end of July it was difficult for scrutiny committees to identify items for inclusion on their work programmes.


    The Leader acknowledged the difficulties for work programme planning and informed the Committee that the collating of information for the Cabinet Forward Plan would be addressed and improved.


    RESOLVED that-


    The Committee note the Cabinet Forward Plan.


Budget and Performance Overview and Scrutiny Committee Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 89 KB

    Additional documents:


    The Committee considered the Forward Work Programme with the Chairman advising the Committee that special meetings would be arrange for September to consider Budget planning for next year.


    The Committee agreed to remove parking from the work programme and that Highways Asset Management should be considered by the Business Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


    Resolved that-


    1. The Committee note the Forward Work Programme


    1. Arrangements be put in place for a special meeting(s) in September to consider Budget planning


    1. That parking be removed from the Forward Work Programme




Members' Items (submitted in accordance with Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule 9) (If any)

    Councillor Alison Moore - Customer Services Transformation for Revenues & Benefits Risk Assessment

    Additional documents:


    In response to a Member’s Item raised by Cllr Moore requesting the risk assessment for proposals relating to Customer Services Transformation (CST) for Revenues and Benefits Bill Murphy, the Assistant Director for Customer Services, presented to the Committee a report detailing the CST Operational Design for Revenues and Benefits along with an accompanying risk register.


    Bill Murphy assured the Committee that appropriate measure were in place to manage any potential risks relating to revenue collection, staffing arrangements and IT arrangements. The Committee were also advised that the new management structure being implemented would improve the performance of Revenue and Benefits.


    Mr Murphy extended an invitation to Cllr Moore to visit the Revenue and Benefits Centre to see at first hand how the change programme was being implemented.


    RESOLVED that-


    The Committee note the report.   


Any Other Items the Chairman Decides are Urgent